The Roberto Gerhard Digital Archive is big, and unless you have an idea of the sorts of recordings you want to find it might be a bit difficult to figure out how to get started – even then, it is all to easy to overlook a relevant tape! The Gerhard Revealed project wants to provide as many different ways of engaging with the archive as possible, and there are many different ways of thinking about a tape’s content. We have created three indicies which cover different perspectives of these tapes – the people associated with or featured on the recordings made, the creative works recorded, and the kinds or catagories of material Gerhard recorded.

These indicies make the perfect entry point for someone new to the archive and to the music of Roberto Gerhard. As well as completed works, you’ll find a large proportion of the archive consists of works in progress, fragments of recordings, and sketches which provide a unique perspective on Gerhard’s use of recorded materials. These indicies provide a stunning documentation of the variety of content in the archive, and if you are still unsure, simply browse through these materials and see what catches your eye.

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