All Aboard (1958)


‘All Aboard’ was a short animated film produced by the Bowater Paper Corporation, directed by Woody Woodward. Gerhard wrote the soundtrack but, aside from a few items in his personal tape archive that have been attributed to ‘All Aboard’, very little is known about what this work entailed. It’s likely that it involved materials recorded in his home studio – accordion, piano, percussive objects – and perhaps involved some tape manipulation of pre-recorded materials, but without a copy of the final film it’s impossible to know for sure. The Bowater Paper Corporation changed identities several times since 1972, and was acquired by the Ball Corporation in 2016 meaning that whatever connection Bowater had to the original product has long since been lost.

382Electronic sound assemblages by Roberto Gerhard, as well as musical cues for Roberto Gerhard’s film soundtrack to ‘All Aboard’