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Campus Trail

Welcome to the homepage for the University campus trail #HudTrail. 

You may have received a tour leaflet as part of the Flying Start Induction programme, at a fresher’s fair event or on your course. This page includes some extra content, and a place to download an audio version if you’d prefer to listen to the tour rather than read the leaflet. If you want to learn more about the built environment of the University over the course of its history, you can visit the archives catalogue and come in to explore original documents back to 1841.

You can also read about the history of the University in former professor John O’Connell’s book ‘The Making of a University’

Download a copy of the #HudTrail leaflet here:  Hudtrail Leaflet download

Download a copy of the 3-D campus map here:  Hudtrail Leaflet download

Download the audio version of the hudtrail here:   (right click and save as)

See how our students have responded to the tasks on the trail by clicking on the hashtag #HudTrail

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Here are some further images and information on the buildings you will see in the course of the trail.

Early Years

Before moving to the Queengate site, the University was housed in several existing buildings in the town centre.  Below you can see where teaching occurred before the Ramsden building was built.

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Ramsden Building

Built in 1883 at a cost of £20,000, this building was designed by Edward Hughes.

You can see in the slideshow below some images of the building in the late 19th century, and images taken just before the building came into use for the Mechanics Institute when a Fine Art and Industrial Exhibition was held, and some of the example exhibits that were seen by over 300,000 people.

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