Yorkshire Sound Women Network Sound Stations 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm on 04/03/2017

Yorkshire Sound Women Network in partnership with Heritage Quay is hosting a special International Women’s Day celebration featuring an afternoon of sound-based activities and discovery. The event highlights YSWN’s first 18 months and provides an opportunity for everyone to meet its community, learn more about sound and music technology and enjoy some of the fantastic music being created by female artists today. The Sound Stations event is free and you can just drop in.

Come and find out about:
• Live coding
• Sound synthesis
• Generating your own sounds
• Sound recording techniques
• Sampling and processing in Logic
• Vintage synths
• Textiles inspired by sound
• Visualising frequency patterns
Plus two sound installations and The Sound House, a real-life and virtual space for female artists to meet each other, chat and share music.

The artists include; DJ Jaguar Bingham, Zoë Blade & Nina Richards, Sara Brannan, Vicky Clarke, Magpahi, Lynette Quek, Kristina Warren, Jo Kennedy, Amy Beeston, Susie Luna Green