Sport archives held at Heritage Quay offer a fascinating insight into social history from the late 19th century to the present day. You can explore
the history and identity of the working classes, understand the importance of gender and regional identity, and discover the international reach
of sport.

The Rugby Football League Archive contains records created by the Rugby Football League during its activities as the governing body for rugby
league in Britain and Ireland. This includes administrative records, such as committee minutes and annual reports, but also items relating to
players, such as player registers, photographs, and heritage projects. The Women in Rugby League Project Archive contains items from the Pride
of the Lionesses event held at Headingley Stadium in 2022, plus records relating to the Hall of Fame celebration dinner and player profiles, plus
more. Complementary rugby collections include the Terry Winn MEP Archive, the Up and Under Project and the Huddersfield Rugby League
Players Association Archive

The England Netball Archive contains records relating to the start of netball in England and of England Netball and its predecessors, from the
foundation of the All-England Women’s Net Ball Association in 1926 to the present day. The World Netball Archive consists of administrative
material such as minutes, signed agreements, constitutions and competitions, as well as trophies, posters, and pins. World Netball was founded
in 1960 and is the worldwide governing body for netball.

If you’re interested in cricket, then we hold some smaller collections which may contain items of interest, such as the Printed Cricket Research
the Hodgson Cricket Collection and the Wombwell and Oxford Authentics Cricket Club Archive.

Links to our sports collections are listed below in alphabetical order: