Heritage Quay is home to the archives of two major British sports, Rugby League and Netball with additional collections about cricket.

The archives offer a fascinating insight into social history from the late 19th century to the present day. At Heritage Quay you can explore the history and identity of the working classes; understand the importance of gender and regional identity in the sport; and discover the international reach sport.

Rugby League
The Rugby Football League (RFL) was founded in Huddersfield in 1895, so it is fitting that the archives of the RFL, the Huddersfield Past Players Association, the Up and Under oral history project and many smaller collections are hosted here at Heritage Quay. The rugby league collections present an unmatched history of the sport through unique documents such as minute books, player registers and correspondence. There is also the opportunity to get close to rare match programmes, photographs, tickets and one-of-a-kind shirts, caps and balls. Coverage ranges from amateur teams, through to those competing in the professional Superleague, and on to the international tours to other Rugby playing countries across the world. The main collections are;
Rugby Football League Archive
Terry Wynn, MEP Archive
Huddersfield Rugby League Players Association Archive
Up and Under Project Archive
You can see a selection of items from the collection in the online exhibition featured to the right

England Netball celebrated its 90th birthday in 2016 and a heritage project was set up to collect the history of the sport. With origins in American basketball, netball has grown from Madame Österberg’s college in Dartford, to the establishment of the All England Netball Association in 1933 to the first World Cup in 1963, netball has come a long way. A mainstay of British school physical education, netball has grown to be a dominant female sport in Australia and New Zealand, the Caribbean and in many other parts of the world. From competitions at school level, to the premier senior teams competing in the Superleague, to the British Vitality Roses, who achieved Commonwealth Gold in 2018, netball is still going strong across the world. The materials gathered are now here at Heritage Quay ready for researchers to explore. This is the catalogue for the England Netball Archive

The University of Huddersfield undertook a heritage project to explore the history of cricket in Yorkshire. You can view some of the materials they gathered at Heritage Quay, including the Printed Cricket Collection, the Hodgson Cricket Collection Archive and the Wombwell and Oxford Authentics Cricket Club Archive

You can browse through and download a hard copy version of these catalogues on our ISSUU profile here: Heritage Quay Sports Collections