10 Excerpts from DNA (1963)


’10 Excerpts from D.N.A.’ was a recording of library music extracted from Gerhard’s soundtrack to ‘D.N.A. in Reflection’. Published by The Southern Library of Recorded Music, the recording ironically consists of only eight excerpts – titled ‘Asyndeton’, ‘Bubblecade’, ‘Campanolog’, ‘Dripsonic’, ‘Meteoroids’, ‘Speculum’, ‘Stridor’, and ‘Telergic’ – and has a total running time of 5’44”. It’s likely that Gerhard agreed to compose the soundtrack to ‘D.N.A. in Reflection’, an undertaking that took considerable time and for which he was not paid, partly because he would be able to repurpose the soundtrack as library music. Following the successful publication of these excerpts, Gerhard continued to send both ensemble and electronic music to The Southern Library of Recorded Music throughout the 1960s, whenever his commissioning contract allowed it.