Huddersfield’s fascinating political history is brought to life in Heritage Quay by the extensive range of collections that document the area’s 20th and 21st century political story. The overarching influence of the labour movement and the Labour Party on this narrative is keenly reflected through the collections. From the emergence and development of the Party’s grass roots to the upper echelons of Westminster there are many stories to be told.

These collections reveal the local realities of the national party political system, and how this system has been informed and influenced by the unique character of Huddersfield’s political landscape. The library of famous statistician G.H. Wood covers economic and social history, education, health, housing and women’s history during the late 19th and early 20th century, and complement more contemporary left-wing publications including the Left Book Club and modern periodicals.

New Collection

We have recently catalogued a new collection relating to Labour Party MP and activist Colin Challen. You can find the catalogue here  


You can browse through and download a hard copy version of these catalogues on our ISSUU profile here: Heritage Quay Politics collections or pursue your own research using the collections