The 4th World Congress of Psychogeography All Day on 09/09/2016 - 10/09/2016

The 4th World Congress of Psychogeography brings together experts and amateurs in this fascinating field at Heritage Quay this Autumn. With a mix of walks and talks come and find out what it’s all about and take the opportunity to explore new ways of seeing the world around you. Please note that some details may change, please check this listing nearer to the time to double check the running order.

What is Psychogeography?
Psychogeography is a way of walking, (you may hear the terms derive or drift) which is a creative and playful way of travelling around by foot. This is different to a casual walk or a stroll because the aim is to explore places using ideas and chance or spur-of-the-moment decisions.

What’s on at the Congress:

Talk: Psychogeography: Extreme Friday 9 September 2016 4-5pm

Walk: Scavenger’s Hunt Friday 9 September 2016 5-7pm

Talk: A Walk in the Park Friday 9 September 2016 8-9.30pm

Talk: What is Psychogeography? Saturday 10 September 2016 11.30am-11.50am

Walk: The Northern Powerhouse in a post-Brexit World Saturday 10 September 2016 12-2pm

Walk: Walking over Mines Saturday 10 September 2016 12-2pm

Talk: Ghost Trails of Diaspora Saturday 10 September 2016 2-3pm

Talk: The Studentification of Urban Space Saturday 10 September 2016 3-4pm

Walk: Getting Lost on Purpose Saturday 10 September 2016 4pm-6pm

We’ll also have a range of fun psychogeographical games to play or take home to try.

Disclaimer: The Views of the speakers do not represent the views of the University. Any under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Please dress appropriately for the weather if you are taking part in an outdoor activity