Portraits of School Life – An Exhibition All Day on 04/02/2016

This exhibition is the result of a collaboration between Janet Fink (Professor of Childhood and Personal Relationships, School of Education and Professional Development, University of Huddersfield) and Savile Park Primary School, Halifax and Meltham Moor Junior School, Holmfirth.  In their classrooms and during visits to the University, Year 3 children portrayed different aspects of school life – from how they get to school to their favourite areas of the playground.  Photographs, emotion maps and drawings give some unexpected insights into what school is like for seven to eight year olds – and these are contrasted with the children’s experiences of being a school child in the Tolson Museum’s Victorian classroom and images from the 1930s .


Children will be installing the exhibition on the morning of 4 February and it will be open to the public later the same day until Wednesday 10 February excepting Saturday 6 February, when Heritage Quay hosts a Rugby League Photo I.D. day. The exhibition will resume on Sunday 7 February.

For more information please contact Trizia Wells, Learning and Engagement Officer