One of Each by Mikron Theatre 7:30 pm - 9:15 pm on 08/10/2015


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Set sail with Mikron for a savoury tale about the British National Dish. Hot, salty and wrapped in newspaper!

Sir Caspian Delamere is a man on a mission, to find the finest Fish and Chips in Britain. He’s narrowed it down to two seaside vendors – finalists for his GOLDEN FISH-FORK award.

One of Each uncovers the history of Fish and Chips, and how they’ve become a national icon. It looks at geographical differences in the way the dish is prepared and served, and pits modern twists on the dish against traditional preferences. Like all of Mikron’s shows it does this at a cracking pace, with plenty of humour, live music and memorable characters.
Running time: approx. 110mins including a 20 minute interval.

• Writer : Deborah McAndrew
• Composer & MD : Rebekah Hughes
• Director : Chris Honer
• Designer : Kate Morton

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