Covid-19 Guidelines

Covid-19 Researcher Guidelines

We are very pleased to welcome you back to research at Heritage Quay!

In order to provide a Covid-secure research environment, we have had to change some of our procedures.

All these changes are designed to keep our staff and researchers safe. Please ask a member of staff if you have any questions.

• You must wait at the entrance of Heritage Quay to be collected by a staff member for your appointment (the shutter to Heritage Quay may be closed). They will escort you to the research room. Seating will be available for visitors with accessibility needs.

• You must leave your belongings in the lockers provided. If you need to take a break you may retrieve your belongings, but please remember to return them before re-entering the research room. The exhibition and group spaces are currently closed so breaks must be taken outside of Heritage Quay.

• Please sanitise your hands at the station provided before entering the research room. Make sure your hands are thoroughly dry before handling archival materials.

• Please sit at the workstation as directed by the archive staff. When speaking with archive staff, please stand behind the perspex screen at the invigilation desk.

• A trolley with your items will be stationed by your desk. You should help yourself to archival items one at a time and return them to the trolley after use. If you need assistance lifting heavy items, please ask.

• Each workstation will have a tray with weights, book pillows and other preservation equipment assigned to it. Please make use of these items as you need to and return them to the tray after use.

• Please do not touch other users’ materials or stand near their desk. If you need to move around the room, please maintain social distancing rules.

• If you have an all-day appointment booked you will need to leave Heritage Quay during lunchtime (12.30-13.30) as the space will be closed. Please ensure you have made arrangements for lunch as there are Only limited refreshment facilities currently available on campus.