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Heritage Quay has developed six educational films for teachers of KS1-3 students. They are based on our amazing collections and provide opportunities to explore history, the arts and music in inspiring ways. You can access the films on youtube, and download the free teachers packs using the links below. To find out more about what else we offer for schools please visit our Learn page

This film serves as an introduction to the sport collections at Heritage Quay and highlights the history of Rugby League and the sport’s close links with the town of Huddersfield. The film and the accompanying education pack provide a focus for a local history study as set out in the KS2 national curriculum.

Education Pack 1 SportFINAL

The Arts scene in Huddersfield is a major area of strength in the archives. This film gives an introduction to the development of British theatre and highlights items from the Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield Operatic and Dramatic Society, and Mikron Theatre collections.

Education Pack 2 The Arts FINAL

This film gives an introduction to the history of the University of Huddersfield, highlighting the role of Frederick Schwann and the Ramsden family in its history. It provides a focus for KS2 local history study. Items shown in the film include commemorative china which marked the opening of the Ramsden building, and the bell which called students to their classes.

Education Pack 3.EducationFINAL

This film highlights the rich variety contained within the music collections at Heritage Quay. From brass bands to dance bands, contemporary music to classical, this is an accessible introduction to a range of musical genres for those studying music at primary level.

Education Pack Music 4FINAL

The film gives an overview of Huddersfield’s development as a textile town, highlighting the links between textiles and manufacturing, and focusing on local engineers Hopkinsons, whose archive is one of the largest and most complete at Heritage Quay. The film is a valuable starting point for a KS2 local history study, as well as supporting the KS3 themes of industry, empire and technological change. The Fabrics of India sample books shown in the film may inspire and interest textile students.

Education Pack 5. Industry FINAL

This film introduces the collections of three significant figures which are prominent in the archives – Robert Blatchford, Victor Grayson and John Henry Whitley. The film gives a brief outline of their achievements in bringing about social and industrial improvements for working people and invites the viewer to consider their legacies. The film is intended for a primary audience, however it provides a good starting point for KS3 students studying British politics between 1860 and 1939.

Education Pack Politics 6 FINAL

Key Collections Series: Industry

We have two major industrial collections in the archives at Huddersfield. Both were local businesses and large employers, but they go further than just relating the story of successful businesses. Their position as large employers means they can also tell a social story, of how employees interact with their employers, and how businesses can help chart the story of their employees’ lives.

Industry. HOP-MM-1 Hopkinsons staff c1905
Hopkinsons staff, c1905.








Hopkinsons Ltd. was a business with its roots in Huddersfield from 1824, and it remained at the heart of the town until the 1990s when it was bought out by the Weir Group. In addition to information on its products, which included building valves for the military and power stations, it has a range of marketing, exhibition and staff records for over a century. From exquisitely designed plans of their stand area in the Empire exhibition of the 1920s, to the staff magazine of the mid-twentieth century.


Industry. Hopkinsons Exhibition Boiler Front 18 Aug 1931
Hopkinsons Exhibition Boiler Front, 18 August 1931.
Industry. Hopkinsons Shipping, Engineering & Machinery Exhibition, Olympia 1935
Hopkinsons stand at the Shipping, Engineering & Machinery Exhibition, Olympia 1935.









This theme is further revealed through the archive of the turbocharger manufacturers Holset Engineering Company Ltd. whose archive continues into the modern day. These collections provide detailed evidence of the engineering processes and business achievements of these companies, but just as importantly, they illustrate the fundamental impact that the development of industry has had on the social, cultural and political history of society through the lives of the individuals they employed and the communities in which they were based.


Industry. Holset works, 1950s
Holset Works, 1950s.
Industry. Scania Varis DSII truck engine, c1959, one of eariest turbo applications (1)
Scania Varis DSII truck engine, c1959, one of eariest turbo charger applications provided by Holset









A few collections have a more tacit relationship with industry. Our Textile Fabrics of India collection has its roots in acting as a promotional tool for Northern industrial mills to copy the patterns and styles popular in 1860s India in order to be able to sell their goods into that market. There are major links between aspects of industry and the university institutional collection. From the early days of educating their workers on day release or in the evening, to working with the university to accredit students and influence the syllabus, many types of industries and industry bodies feature in both correspondence and principal’s papers.   The library of George Wood also contains a wealth of material on industrial relations and working conditions in the nineteenth century, as well as information on legislative and employers concerns.


Catalogued Collections

George Henry Wood Collection – http://heritagequay.org/archives/GHW/

Textile Fabrics of India – http://heritagequay.org/archives/TFI/


Uncatalogued Collections

Hopkinsons Limited Archive – http://heritagequay.org/archives/HOP/

Holset Engineering Company Limited Archive – http://heritagequay.org/archives/?keyword=Holset

Pursue your own research using the collections

Find out about our events exploring the collections- many free

What’s On launched!

Today sees the launch of Heritage Quay’s first brochure of events and activities, to cover the period September 2015 – March 2016.

Heritage Quay Brochure September 2015 – March 2016 FINAL

The programme responds to different areas of our collections and there is something for (almost) everyone in there although there is a particular focus on rugby league, music and local history.

To pick out a few highlights, the Rugby League History Day in October will be brilliant – the line up of ex-players, fans and historians is looking stellar (more information to come closer to the time) and it’ll all be for free. For those wanting more detail on the history of the game, renowned historian Tony Collins will be here to run a Roots of Rugby League course over four nights, with a special focus on the Kirklees and Calderdale areas. This is apt because of rugby league’s big 120th birthday this year.

Also make sure to book for our showing of Dangerous Moonlight. Although not a wartime ‘classic’ the lush and emotional music of the Warsaw Concerto, composed specially for the film, made it incredibly popular and should get you in mood for dancing afterwards. They’ll be a bar on hand and live music to make the evening go with a swing. Those proto-band leaders amongst you can get more involved with our Conducting for Beginners workshop.

Finally, we’re kicking the season off with a special event in association with the Huddersfield and District Archaelogy Society who’ll be letting people get hands on what they’ve dug up near the buried Roman Fort at Slack. And we finish the brochure period with more history with our Hopkinsons Day, where we’ll be getting out a selection of things from the collection to jog some memories and get people interested in what we’re doing with them over the following months (you’ll have to wait until the next What’s on for the details)

The last thing I’ll mention is The Listening Room, our special group (it’s like a reading club) for music fans. We’ll be serving up a mix of tunes from our collections every month and then dicussing them to pieces over tea and cake. If you fancy joining the conversation visit our web page or join the Facebook group or of course just come along.

For more information about all the events and activities and links for booking tickets head to our website here or our Facebook page