Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival Archive
The archive of the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival from its founding in 1978 mainly up to 2005. The series of festival programme books, (HCMF/EV), is up to date.

The archive is a major resource for international contemporary music composition and performance.

The festival is currently (2017) branded as hcmf//. It is referred to in this catalogue as the festival.

The main series of records are:
governance - minutes of the Board of mangement, Annual General Meeting papers and Annual reports and accounts (HCMF/CP/1)
administration - business plans, reporting and correspondence (HCMF/CP/1/2)
presenting the festival - materials to support selecting and managing the programme including contract files for performers, schedule planning paperwork and details of venues (HCMF/CP/2)
Festival programmes - a complete set giving a full picture of performances at each festival (HCMF/EV)
financial records - budget analysis across years, complete accounting records for 2003-2004, fundraising activities including grants, advertising and sponsorship (HCMF/FN)
publicity - press releases, reviews and awards received (HCMF/MD)
marketing - marketing reviews, audience research, ticket sales analysis, posters, branding, a banner and audio-visual promotional material (HCMF/MK)
audio-visual recordings - submitted by artists as part of performance proposals, in CD, cassette, DVD, video and vinyl formats. (HCMF/RE)
scores - submitted by artists as part of performance proposals. In hard-copy format (HCMF/SC)
educational activity - details of work done with children and young people during festivals and records of the Young Composers' award for emerging artists. (HCMF/TL)

Completeness -
The archive presents only a partial record of the festival up to 2005. The only series which survive complete (or nearly complete) are the festival programmes (HCMF/EV) and the press reviews (HCMF/MD/2). All other series are incomplete including board minutes, annual reports and accounts and planning and reporting. Full details of dates covered are in the catalogue.

The covering dates of the archive are given as 1976-2016. The archive does contain a small number of items, including scores, which date back to 1964. The covering dates are intended to describe the main bulk of the archival record of the festival. The Young Composers' award (HCMF/TL/2) was founded in 1976 and formed one of the main parts of the festival which was inaugurated in 1978.

There are large series of audio-visual recordings (HCMF/RE), scores (HCMF/SC) and composer and performer details (HCMF/CP/2/6 and HCMF/CP/2/7). These were maintained by the festival as a research resource to support selecting the festival programme. It is clear that these series do not represent the entire life of the festival, but it is not clear what proportion of the festival programming they cover.

Similarly there is a large series of contract files relating to composers and performers at the festival (HCMF/CP/2/1). It is not clear how complete this series is.

The records of the Young Composers' award (HCMF/TL/2) have a complete record of winners from the first competition in 1976 to 2000 (with a gap for 1980). Other records about the award are incomplete.

Access and navigation -
This archive has been catalogued using 'more product, less process' methodology, which means that descriptions do not attempt to describe each item in the archive in detail. Descriptions give detail to enable the researcher to identify a bundle or box containing items of interest. Volunteer support has enabled full name-indexing of the series of contract files (HCMF/CP/2/1), composer biographical details (HCMF/CP/2/7), audio-visual recordings (HCMF/RE) and scores (HCMF/SC). A text search within the catalogue (for example for 'Boulez') will return all references to a composer or performer in those series.

The festival programmes (HCMF/EV) have not been indexed.

To find out what was performed at each festival use the series of festival programme books (HCMF/EV) which are organised by year and give the full programme. The unit of production is the annual bundle. There is also a list of works performed at festivals 1978-2005. (HCMF/CP/2/6)

The archive is a major resource for international contemporary music composition and performance. Festival administrators maintained research materials sent in by artists with proposals for performances. These comprise scores, audio-visual recordings and biographical details and lists of a composers' works and performers' repertoires. (HCMF/CP/2/6, HCMF/CP/2/7, HCMF/RE, HCMF/SC). These series have been fully name-indexed and a text search will return references to a composer or performer.

The series of contract files relating to composers and performers (HCMF/CP/2/1) has also been name-indexed. This series contains personal details about living individuals and access may be restricted under data protection legislation.

The founding artistic director, Richard Steinitz, produced analyses of several festival aspects and these are contained in the archive. They comprise:
Budget analysis, comparison and forecast 1985-2002 (HCMF/FN/1/1)
ticket sales analysis 1982-2001 (HCMF/MK/2/1)
performances given at the festivals 1978-2007; for example premieres, and organised by composer, some performers and by type eg choirs and vocal groups. (HCMF/CP/2/6)
a full list of works performed at festivals 1978-2005. (HCMF/CP/2/6)

Papers relating to the origins of the festival can be found at: HCMF/CP/1/1 and HCMF/FN/3/2/2

Visual materials include:
the series of festival programmes which record the festival branding throughout its history (HCMF/EV)
drawings and images of festival venue layouts (HCMF/CP/2/3)
festival volunteers' uniform clothing (HCMF/CP/2/5)
composers' biographical details (HCMF/CP/2/7)
photographs (HCMF/MD/3)
awards presented to the festival (HCMF/MD/4)
festival and concert posters (HCMF/MK/3/1) - a large series of posters at different sizes. 6 of these have been digitised and an electronic version is attached to the catalogue record
festival branding (HCMF/MK/3/2)
festival banner (HCMF/MK/3/3)
video recordings (HCMF/RE/4 and HCMF/MK/4)
scores (HCMF/SC)

    Managing and presenting the HCMF Subfonds

    Records relating to governance and to planning, staffing and administration of the festival. They include Board meeting minutes, correspondence of the artistic director, business plans and reports, records of contracts and negotiations with performers and composers, venue capacity and layout details and materials to support selection of performances including biographical and repertoire details for performers and composers.

    The records also include Richard Steinitz's analyses (1978-2007) of performances given at the festivals; for example premieres, and organised by composer, some performers and by type eg choirs and vocal groups. There is also a full list of works performed at festivals 1978-2005. HCMF/CP/2/6.
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    Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival programmes Item

    Annual bundles contain published programme booklets and leaflets, and some concert/performance notes and programmes.

    For each festival there is a pocket-sized guide and a larger, often A4, programme book. These give all details for venues, dates and times, performances and some performer biographies and notes on music to be played.

    Where they survive, the bundles include notes (translations of non-English texts, composition notes, synopses and further details of a concert). These are mainly wordprocessed but include some professionally-produced programmes supplied by the performer.

    Boxes 4-5 contain Festival programmes in Braille and large print formats

    Box 4
    1991 Braille, 1992 Large print, Braille, 1993 B, 1994 LP, B, 1996 LP, B, 1997 LP, B, 1999 LP, B, 2000 LP, B,

    Box 5
    2001 LP, B, 2002 LP, 2003 LP, 2004, LP, CD with electronic versions of LP and B programmes, audio cassette version of programme, 2005 LP, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (18-22 Nov 2021)

    Also contains undated leaflets.
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    Finance Subfonds

    This is an incomplete series of financial records. There are detailed accounting records for 2003-2004 which have been retained as an example of the financial activities of the festival. These are the only detailed records deposited.

    Records relating to fundraising; grants from public bodies eg Arts Council England, advertising sales and sponsorship.

    Annual accounts prepared for AGMs can be found at HCMF/CP/1/2/4
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    Publicity Subfonds

    Press releases and reviews relating to the festival, photographs of festival performances and educational activities, details of awards presented to the festival
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    Marketing Subfonds

    Records relating to marketing planning and review, ticket sales, audience research. Marketing materials including posters and a banner and audio-visual material. Papers relating to festival branding. Papers relating to the Friends of HCMF group.
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    AudioVisual recordings Subfonds

    Recordings of music sorted by format and alphabetically by artist. Most of the DVD, CD and video formats have been professionally produced. Most of the audio casettes have been recorded from other formats. These recordings were probably submitted by artists as concert proposals were being considered. Many are still sealed.
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    Scores submitted to the festival as part of concert proposals Item

    These scores have been submitted to the HCMF by artists and composers. It is not clear how complete a record of works performed between 1978 and 2005 this is or which works were actually performed.

    These scores have been sorted alphabetically into 2 sequences; smaller size scores (boxes 1-6), and larger size scores (boxes 7-10). There is 1 outsize score in box 11. Dates relate to composition, where given. This is a full list of scores present.

    Box 1
    Scores by Artists:
    Noa Ain Joan of Arc
    Julian Anderson The Bird Sings with its Fingers
    Franco Donatoni Arpège Partitura
    Joanna Bailie Splice
    Simon Bainbridge Caliban Fragments and Aria
    Vykintas Baltakas Das Lied
    Julian Barbour X2 Lightstrung Sigils, Eigenmomenta
    Gerald Barry X8 O Lord How Rain, Carol, The Coming of Winter, God Save the Queen (2 copies), Six Marches for String Quartet (2 copies), The Ring, Wiener Blut, In the Asylum and two programme notes for The Ring and God save the Queen.
    Harrison Birtwistle Bow Down,
    Walter Boudreau X3 La Vie d’un héros (contains Boudreau’s CV and list of previous works), Berliner Momente IV, Tradiderunt Me In Manus Imporium.
    Denys Bouliane X14, Qualia sui, Du fouet et du plaisir, Paysage Qu, Manche haben Trompinetten, Das Affenlied, Le sexe des anges, Trois petits simiodrames, Concerto pour piano, Des caresses, Appels – Rappels, Jeux de Societe, Le cactus rieur et la demoiselle qui souffrait d’une soif insatiable,Concerto pour hautbois (entre chien et loup), Extraits d’Oeuvres Choisies et Notes de Programme.
    Eivind Buene Kaum Einen Hauch,
    Diana BurrellGold

    Box 2
    Scores by Artists:
    Martin Butler A Better Place
    Philip Cashian The Masque of the Red Death
    Richard Causton X3 Seven States of Rain, The Persistence of Memory, Notturno
    Stephen Chase Every Thought Should Recall the Debris of a Smile, An Exultation of Larks
    Edward Cowie
    Joe Cutler Szymborska Settings
    James Dillon X3 String Quartet, Residue (2 copies), Viriditas,
    Joe Duddell X3 Generation, Parallel Lines, Snowblind
    James Erber X7 Qfwfq, Strange Moments of Intimacy, Anem, Traces (B), Sprag, Melodia/armonia, Le Colonne d’Ercole.
    Gabriel Erkoreka X2 Krater, Dipolo
    Brian Ferneyhough X3 Opus Contra Naturam, Stelae for Failed Time, The Doctrine of Similarity
    Michael Finnissy Whitman.

    Box 3
    Scores by Artists:
    Dai Fujukura Reach Out (includes correspondence and programme notes)
    Daniel Giorgetti X4 Hebban Olla Vogala, Dialogue, Touche, Five.
    Philip Glass Low Symphony.
    Alexander Goehr Little Symphony.
    Michael Zev Gordon; On Memory.
    Deirdre Gribbin Celestial Pied Piper (2 copies)
    H.K. Gruber Gloria A Pig Tale (parts one and two)
    Georg Friedrich Haas Blumenstuck
    Andrew Hamilton X3 Above Under Now, Big Melody Small Orchestra, Toenail.
    Jonathan Harvey CHU
    Rolf Hind Das Unenthullte
    Simon Holt X2 Startled Grass, The Nightingale’s To Blame
    Horváth Balázs X4 Intermezzo, Prelude, From 3 to 10, Magnets II
    Bernard Hughes One and a Half Truths.
    Berni M Janssen X2 From N(ich)t 1, Ik(s)land[s].
    Guus Janssen Violin Concerto.
    Zoltán Jeney Onidezetek.
    Mauricio Kagel X3 Mare Nostrum score, Mare Nostrum lyrics, Orchestrion Straat,

    Box 4
    Scores by Artists:
    David Knotts Nightwatching Ways of Looking at the Moon.
    Ádám Kondor X2 Joyance – For Saint Julius Hydophilos, SA.
    György Kurtág 14 Fragmente
    Jean Lesage X4 Les Representations Surannees, Memoire Equivoque, Fantasia Stravagante, Les Sensations Confuses (contains biographical notes as well).
    György Ligeti Magyar Etudok.
    Mats Lindström Requiem (includes a CD as well)
    Michel Longtin X3 Pohjatuuli, Attracteurs vers Xenakis, Lettre Postume de Conrad.
    Roger Marsh Espace.
    Steve Martland X2 Hard Times, American Invention.
    Harold Meltzer X2 Virginal, Exiles
    Anna Meredith Torque
    Thea Musgrave Rorate Coeli
    Alasdair Nicolson The Tinsel Storm
    Helmut Oehring Der Ort Ist Nicht Der Ort
    Jonathan Pitkin X2 Entente, Mysteries some Magician, a Craftsman, set up (includes correspondence and list of Pitkin’s works).
    Robin de Raaff Piano Concerto.
    Alexander Raskatov X3 Gebet (Kadddish), Praise, Xenia

    Box 5
    Scores by Artists:
    John Rea includes biography notes Objets Perdus, Homme Papillon, Over Time, Treppemusik
    Wolfgang Rihm includes a letter on front Sphäre nach Studie, Astralis (Uber die Linie III), Stilles Stuck, Frage, Sotto voce
    Kaija Saariaho Trois Rivieres Delta x 2, Tag des Jahrs x 3, Cinq Reflets, Quatre Instants, Caliban’s Dream, Orion, Miranda’s Lament
    James Saunders #(unassigned)
    Robert Saxton Caritas
    Salvatore Sciarrino Esercizio, Quartetto N. 7, Sei Quartetti Brevi
    Anatolijus Šenderovas Miriam’s Song – Miriam’s Silence
    Kunsu Shim luftrand (fur klaus und dirk), piano step
    Thomá Simaku Radius, Soliloquy, Soliloquy II
    Matthew Shlomowitz Deirdre’s Threat, Present Perfect
    Arlene Sierra Hand mit Ringen x 2
    Howard Skempton Tendrils, Lento
    Ana Sokolovic includes biographical notes Blanc dominant, Nine Proverbs, ciaccona, Geometrie sentimentale
    Bent Sørensen The Hill of the Heartless Giant

    Box 6
    Scores by Artists:
    Johannes Maria Staud Configurations/Reflet x 2
    Tazul Izan Tajuddin Torrent of Images – a Memoriam
    László Tihanyi Summer Music
    Jacob ter Veldhuis Tallahatchie Concerto
    Gergely Vajda Hypertext
    László Vidovszky ADY A Fekete Zongora ADY Black Piano , el (The Death in my Viola No 2)
    Ian Vine oro y sombra
    Kevin Volans Chakra
    Jennifer Walshe theme from
    Judith Weir Piano Concerto, Missa del Cid
    Guo Wenjing String Quartet n.3
    Ian Wilson abyssal
    Karen Wimhurst Exposed Island
    Julia Wolfe In Times of Flood, my lips from speaking
    Matthew Wright (contains a brief resume at back) presents from an edited then x 2
    Iannis Xenakis OMega
    SiHyun Yi remembering...
    Score for IN THE MIST, no composer, three piano rolls for PIANOCLASM, no composer

    Box 7
    Large scores by artists;
    Georges Aperghis Zwielicht
    Richard Ayres No. 33 (Valentine Tregashian Considers...) x 2
    Simon Bainbridge Voiles
    Stephen Mark Barchan Another Exploding Matter
    Gerald Barry Enfilade, L’Agitation des Observateurs, Le Tremblement des Voyeurs
    Michael Berkeley Clarinet Concerto
    Eivind Buene Expose/Intermezzo/Symposium, Deaths and Entrances, Three Quartets
    Diana Burrell Wind Quartet
    Joe Cutler Awakenings

    Box 8
    Large scores by artists:
    Stephen Davismoon Waiting...and the moon?...Turns, (this has already) passed/passing, “...against the grain”
    Tan Dun Red Forecast
    Andrew Duncan Rhapsody for Tuba, Piano and Band
    Peter Eötvös Snatches of a Conversation, Atlantis, As I Crossed A Bridge of Dreams, PSY
    Luca Francesconi Impulse II
    Alexander Goehr Sinfonia Op.42
    Deirdre Gribbin Unity of Being
    Gerard Grisey Periodes
    H.K. Gruber Gloria – A Pigtale Full Score Part 1, Gloria – A Pigtale Full Score Part II

    Box 9
    Large scores by artists:
    Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen Turn
    Georg Friedrich Haas fremde welten, Wer, wenn ich schriee, horte mich ..., Natures mortes, in vain
    Andrew Hamilton more wrong things
    Bryn Harrison low time patterns
    Simon Holt The Nightingale’s to Blame Revised Bar Numbers Prologue, The Nightingale’s to Blame Revised Bar Numbers Scenes 1, 2 and 3
    Bill Hopkins Two Pomes, sousstructures, Sensation
    John Hopkins White Winter, Black Spring
    Phillippe Hurel Figures Libres, Loops, Tombeau
    Alison Kay with letter attached Rainbow Serpent
    Jo Kondo Metaphonesis
    Harold Meltzer Rumors
    Tristan Murail Le Partage des Faux, Serendib

    Box 10
    Large Scores by artists:
    Olga Neuwirth Mooloomooloo, voluta/sospeso, ad auras in memoriam H, morphologsche Fragmente, Ondate II, settori
    Per Nørgård String Quartet No. 8 Night Descending,Turn (1973),Grooving, Mating Dance, Stadier with letter on the front, Reves en Pleine Lumiere, String Quartet No. 9, Maddening Dance, Moon Shadows
    Alexander Raskatov PutCheminPathWeg
    Rebecca Saunders Duo 3
    Salvatore Sciarrino Trio N. 2, Polveri Laterali, Cinque Sonate
    Howard Skempton Tendrils
    Johannes Maria Staud gleichsam als ob
    Lasse Thoresen Lop, Lokk og Linjar
    Param Vir The Theatre of Magical Beings
    Kevin Volans with letter on front Piano Trio
    Karen Wimhurst Silver Messenger
    Ian Wilson Limena
    Paul Wilson Prometheus
    Matthew Wright to stitch holes in the fabric for dancing

    Box 11 (Oversized score)
    Score by David Bedford, STORIES FROM THE DREAM TIME
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    Education Programme Subfonds

    Records relating to education projects run alongside the festival with children and young people and the Young Composers' award for emerging artists.
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