Yorkshire Educational Association for the Building Industry Archive
This collection contains administrative records, conference and committee papers, governance records, financial papers, newsletters, reports and papers relating to courses and exhibitions organised by the Yorkshire Educational Association for the Building Industry (YEABI). There are records relating to the YEABI's role as an advisory body to the Yorkshire Council for Further Education (YCFE) and, through them, to central government. The archive contains material relating to the YEABI's role in monitoring, researching and ensuring quality in the field of building education.

The YEABI worked alongside other organisations in the building industry, the architectural world and with technical colleges. The archives therefore contain records relating to the North Western Educational Association for the Building Industry ( NWEABI), the Institute of Builders (IOB), and Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), amongst other bodies.
  • YEA/AD

    Yorkshire Educational Association for the Building Industry Administrative Papers Item

    ‘YEABI Mailing Lists, Digest lists, Council Minutes’ 1958-1966 – Distribution lists and related papers for council minutes and the newsletter ‘Digest’ as well as the Summary of Courses leaflets produced by the YEABI. Includes lists of sub-committee members, letters from or about new members of the YEABI Council, and documents to be distributed (eg statistics on the costs of apprentices).

    Stationery file, 1960-1965. Letters and other documents relating to YEABI stationery and printing.

    'Miscellaneous Correspondence': files belonging to the Honorary Assistant Secretary, D M Green, and F Stenton, dealing with administrative matters.

    Membership papers: membership application forms for YEABI with letters and other papers related to subscriptions.
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  • YEA/CE

    Yorkshire Educational Association for the Building Industry Courses and Exhibitions Series

    Papers relating to the YEABI's function of organising courses, demonstrations, exhibitions and social outings for apprentices, teachers and others involved in Building education.
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  • YEA/CP

    Yorkshire Educational Association for the Building Industry Council Meeting and AGM Papers Item

    9 Dec 1922 - 23 Jun 1967
    YEABI bound minute books:
    Volume 1 from the establishment of the Association, 9 Dec 1922 - 7 Mar 1950
    Volume 2 25 Mar 1950 - 8 Oct 1965
    Volume 3 14 Jan 1966 - 23 Jun 1967

    YEABI Minutes, Files, 13 Jun 1958-23 Jun 1967:
    Minutes of the YEABI Council and the Yorkshire Council for Further Education, County Advisory Committee: Building (including some drafts), letters, constitutional documents, agendas, signatures of attendees, Honorary Secretary's reports, notes from a discussion group (1962), accounts and financial statements, distribution lists, AGM papers, membership list (1962); copy of 'YEABI. Twenty Five Years 1922-1947. A Retrospect'.

    Includes papers concerning changes in government policy towards craft training; YEABI events; Building courses and qualifications; research projects; relationships with related bodies around the country; matching job titles and descriptions to courses; numbers of apprentices; the Crowther Report and the issue of Day Release courses versus evening courses for apprentices; apprentice competitions and displays for trade exhibitions; City & Guilds of London Institute syllabuses; the problem of 'wastage' - students dropping out of part-time technical and commercial courses (an issue of concern to the National Advisory Council on Education for Industry and Commerce).

    The October 1958 file contains statistics on employment and apprentices in the Building trades. The 1960 AGM file contains a printed copy of the YEABI's Constitution and Rules. The 1964 AGM considered a new official definition of 'technicians', a response to the Joint Enquiry on Technicians set up by the Committee on Scientific Manpower. The relevant file includes a pamphlet, 'Building Technician Training Scheme' (January 1964) and material relating to new technician's courses.

    Files for 28th October 1966 and 12 May 1967 have papers concerning the purpose, functions, activities and future of the YEABI.

    Includes sub-committee minutes, YEABI Study Group, 1955-1960. Conference programmes and other papers, agendas, letters. Includes ‘Report on Technical Education for the less Academic Student.’
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  • YEA/CR

    Yorkshire Educational Association for the Building Industry: Relations with Building Education and Design Organisations Item

    Papers relating to YEABI's relationships with other bodies involved in building education and design: the North Western Educational Association for the Building Industry (NWEABI) and Manchester Building Centre.

    Includes papers relating to NWEABI conferences (including some material on YEABI/NWEABI joint conferences), lists of council members, press reports, course information, address by Kathleen Ollerenshaw, Manchester City Councillor, information on NWEABI publications, travelling exhibits scheme, 'The Origin, Work and Aims' and constitution of the NWEABI, Manchester Building Centre newsletters and events programmes.

    See also YEABI/ NWEABI Joint Conference files: YEA/EV.
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  • YEA/ES

    Yorkshire Educational Association for the Building Industry: Monitoring and Advising on Building Education Schemes Series

    1951 - 22 Mar 1965
    Contains papers relating to the duties of the (YEABI) to 'give consideration to schemes for building education at every level' and advise the Yorkshire Council for Further Education. This includes their activities in designing syllabuses, drafting exams, ensuring the quality of courses, compiling information on existing educational provision and making decisions on the most suitable locations for new courses.
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  • YEA/EV

    Yorkshire Educational Association for the Building Industry, Conferences Item

    Papers relating to the YEABI Annual Conference and the biannual YEABI and North Western Educational Association for the Building Industry (NWEABI) Joint Conference.

    1. YEABI Conference Luncheon, 13 June 1958. Theme ‘The new outlook for building education’. Financial statement, invitation, menu, correspondence, tickets, talks and toast speech.

    2. YEABI/ NWEABI Conference 12 July 1958. Theme: ‘You Can’t Turn the Clock Back’. Letters, booking form, programmes, menu. Includes information on the launch of ‘Digest’ and a conference report.

    3. YEABI Conference, 1959. Theme: ‘A new approach to Craft Training.’ Menus, tickets, invitations, application forms, correspondence, programmes, list of delegates and speakers, invitation, map, YEABI Secretary’s Annual Report 1958/1959, invoices, notes, conference papers.

    4. YEABI / NWEABI Joint Conference 1960. Theme: Training and Education in the Building Industry ‘Builders of the Future’. Conference report, meeting minutes, programme, correspondence, speakers’ biographies, invitations, YEABI meeting minutes, menu, lists of guests and delegates.

    5. ‘Builders of the Future’ Report of the Joint Conference of the YEABI and NWEABI, 25 June 1960 (2 copies, 1 spiral bound).

    6. YEABI Annual Conference, June 1961. Theme: ‘The Development of Day Release’. Circulars, conference report related papers, booking forms, discussion notes and discussion points, conference papers, letters, tickets, notes, map, statistics and report on day release vs block release pilot project, draft Hon. Secretary’s report on 1960-1961.

    7. YEABI Conference 28th June 1963: Mr Burgess’ Paper, ‘The Ordinary National Diploma Course in Building’ 1943-1963.

    8. YEABI Conference 28th June 1963: Mr Gooderson’s Paper, ‘The Grammar School Leavers’ Attitude to Building’, Mr Alexander’s Paper, ‘Other Full Time Courses’.

    9. YEABI Annual Conference 28th June 1963. Theme: ‘The Advantages of Full Time Training for Building Students’. Invitation, speeches, letters, discussion questions, menu, application forms, summary of courses, conference ‘who’s who’, programmes, invitations, tickets.

    10. YEABI / NWEABI Joint Conference – Applications for Tickets. Lists of names and addresses, records of payments received and tickets despatched, application forms, tickets, letters, programme for the YEABI/ NWEABI Conference. 27 June 1964

    11. YEABI/ NWEABI Joint Conference. Theme: 'New Developments in Building Education and Training'. 27 June 1964. Conference programmes, seating plan, letters, speeches, speakers’ biographies, tickets, application forms, invitations.

    12. Annual Conference 3rd July 1965. Theme: ‘The Work of the Construction Industry Training Board’. Application forms, invitations, letters, sales figures, programme, seating plan. Includes material for Joint Conference of 1966.

    13.. YEABI/ NWEABI Joint Conference. Theme: ‘Selection, Education and Training for Management and Supervision in the Construction Industry’. 2 July 1966. Report of the 1966 Biennial Joint Conference of the North Western and Yorkshire Educational Associations for the Building Industry, letters, programme.

    14. YEABI and Joint YEABI/ NWEABI Conferences file. 1960-1963. Completed application forms, programmes, and tickets.
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  • YEA/FN

    Financial Records of the Yorkshire Educational Association for the Building Industry Item

    Bank statements, cheque books, receipt books, file of invoices and receipts, account books, and general account statements/ financial statements. Most material dates between 1963-1967.
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  • YEA/GV

    Yorkshire Educational Association for the Building Industry Governance Papers Series

    Records concerning the governance of the YEABI, is constitution, rules and membership of the YEABI Council.
    See also YEA/AD.
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  • YEA/PB

    Yorkshire Educational Association for the Building Industry: Publications Series

    Papers relating to the YEABI's function to disseminate and publish information of interest to its members and that would advance the aims of the organisation to foster building education. This includes particularly material relating to 'Digest', the YEABI newsletter, its published Summary of Courses leaflets and copies of YEABI booklets and leaflets. There are also a small number of booklets and leaflets relating to resources produced by external bodies working in the building industry.
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  • YEA/RE

    Yorkshire Educational Association for the Building Industry: Research Projects Item

    Records relating to the YEABI's function of encouraging experimentation and research into problems of education and training.

    Contains 'Research Project – Survey 1: 1963.' Papers relating to gathering information from technical college students on building courses, and Reports on ‘Wastage of Students’ 1958.
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