Oxford University Tour of India 1902-1903
These are the tour records and newspaper cuttings from Oxford University's tour of India.
  • WOA/1/1

    Newspaper clippings from various newspapers about Oxford University's tour of India 1902-1903 Item

    Newspaper Cuttings:
    The Bombay Gazette Cricket in Bombay: Oxford Authentics vs Bombay Presidency, The Visitors Defeated. 1902 India Tour, The Bombay Gazette 27 November 1902: Authentics vs Parsis, The Concluding Day, Poor Show by the Visitors, Victory for the Parsis, The Bombay Gazette 25 November 1902: The Authentics vs The Parsis, A Remarkable Day’s Cricket, Century by Raphael, The Times Weekly Edition Supplement: The Delhi Durbar 10 January 1903, The Englishman 27 December 1902 Cricket in Calcutta, C. C. C. vs Oxford University Authentics, The B 1902 Cricket, Hindus vs Oxford Authentics, Second Day’s Play, The Asian Sporting Newspaper 22 November 1902 By Special Telegram Bombay Wednesday 19th November 1902, By Special Telegram, Oxford University Authentics vs Hindus, Bombay Friday 21st November 1902, The Indian Daily News 27 December 1902 Cricket in Calcutta, Oxford University Authentics, Calcutta Cricket Club, Huge Score by the Authentics, Collapse of Calcutta, Xmas Day Match, The Times of India, 26 November 1902, Cricket in India, By One of the Authentics, The Authentics First Match, Cricket, The Authentics in Bombay, Third Day, Victory of the Presidency, The Asian Sporting Newspaper 22 November 1902 Cricket at Bombay from our own correspondent, The Indian Field Athletic Notes, The Indian Field, Cricket, The Authentics’ Tour, The Madres Mail Wednesday Evening December 10 1902, ‘Echoes from London’, ‘Cricket Perform, The Madras Mail December 8 1902 ‘Cricket in Madras’, The Madras Mail, Tuesday Evening December 9 1902, ‘Cricket in Madras’, The Madras Mail, Thursday Evening (December 11 ?) ‘Sporting Notes Football in Madras and Cricket in Madras’, ‘All-round Athletes’, The Tattler (handwritten note) ‘ “Tics” on Tour’ including team photograph, regarding India Tour, The Times Weekly Edition London Friday January 9 1903 The Durbar, The Indian Sporting Times ’Cricket Authentics v. Gentlemen of India’ after 7th January play, The Civil and Military Gazette Thursday 22 January 1903, ‘Cricket Punjab v. Authentics’, The Pioneer ? (January?) 19th 1903 ‘Cawnpore 1st Innings, 2nd Innings’ records, The Pioneer Friday January 23 1903 ‘Cricket Lahore 21st January’, ‘The Oxford Authentics’ Tour Match Against the Mysore State’, The Madras Mail, Friday Evening, December 5 1902 ‘Sporting Notes, The Oxford Authentics’ Tour’, The Times of india, Wednesday November 26 1902.’Cricket in Bombay’, The Eng (The Englishman ?)December ? 24 1902 ‘Cricket in Calcutta Bengal Presidency Vs. Oxford University Authentics’, Advertisments: ‘Specialties in Whiskies’, ‘Golf, Calcutta Ladies’ Golf Club’, Rackets, Calcutta Racket Club’, ‘The Marlborough Hotel’, Mail 6 March 76 (handwritten) ‘OUCC to vote on seats for women’, ‘Last male outpost threatened with invasion by women’, ‘Sponsors to boost Oxbridge Cricket.'
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    Fixture List of the Oxford University Tour of India Item

    Fixture list of the Oxford University tour of India including the names of the teams they will play and where they will play the games.
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    Scottish Concert Item

    29th November 1902
    Scottish Concert for the touring players of Oxford University
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    Smoking Concert Item

    22nd November 1902
    Smoking Concert for the touring players of Oxford University
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