Managing personnel - players
Records relating to the management of professional players
  • RFL/HR/1/1

    Registers of Players Series

    Registers of Players are the official central record of which club a professional rugby league player is playing for. The registers are arranged by year, and within each year by club.

    Pre-1945 registers have some gaps (i.e. incomplete lists of players). The 1940-1945 lists of players are inside the 1938-1940 volume. Postwar volumes tend to be complete and contain greater detail. There are gaps in the series between 1964-1968 and 1975-1976.
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  • RFL/HR/1/2

    Registers of players - reserve teams Series

    Registers of players for the reserve, or A, teams of professional clubs

    Yorkshire Senior Competition registers of players 1935-1946 and 1947-1948
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  • RFL/HR/1/3

    Player transfers Subfonds

    Records relating to player transfers and the transfer system

    - File: list of rugby league transfers arranged by date with details of players, clubs and fees paid 1948-1968; and list of South African players at English clubs 1923-1962.

    - File: correspondence relating to the international transfer ban. 1947-1950

    - File: correspondence and reports relating to international transfers. 1989

    - Document relating to the Bosman ruling and the Rugby Football League transfer system [1995]
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  • RFL/HR/1/4

    International appearances Subfonds

    Records relating to international appearances by Rugby Football League players

    - Volume: International Appearances, includes lists of international appearances and caps by players from England, Wales and Other Nationalities, test match appearances, test match caps, International Championship medals, Amateur International caps and badges,. Also includes details of officials for international test matches, Championship finals, Challenge Cup finals. Also includes statistics relating to Challenge Cup semi-finals, test matches (1947-1954), international and representative games, and international touring teams. Also includes information on Council Members' trips to France, programme production costs and sales, and international blazer badges. Also includes a number of loose documents including documents relating to to the televising of rugby league matches. 1940s-1950s

    - Card index of players who played for Great Britain or Wales. 1980s-1990s
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  • RFL/HR/1/5

    Player pen pictures Series

    Player pen pictures - descriptions/profiles of players generally including age, height, weight, summary of rugby career and details of hobbies.

    - File: International pen pictures, features players who had played at international level in British amateur and professional rugby league. Also includes pen pictures for French and Australian teams. 1960s

    - File:club pen pictures (some from newspapers), features players from British professional clubs. 1960s

    - File: club pen pictures, features players from British professional clubs, arranged by club. 1960s

    - File: club pen pictures, features players from British professional clubs, arranged by club. 1970s
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  • RFL/HR/1/6

    Player compensation and contracts Subfonds

    Records relating to player compensation

    - File: records relating to the Rugby Football League's dispute with the Players' Union player agreements, transfers, and fees. 1952

    - File: winning bonuses, includes correspondence between the Rugby Football League and clubs. 1955-1962

    - Document relating to the player contract and compensation system 22 November 1996

    - File: Players' Consultative Committee. 1998
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  • RFL/HR/1/7

    Player disciplinary records Subfonds

    Records relating to disciplinary action taken against players for on-field offences

    - Volume: player suspensions, arranged by player surname. 1928-1949

    - Volume: player suspensions, arranged by player surname. 1954-1960 [binding damaged]

    - Volume: player suspensions, arranged by player surname. 1960-1975 [binding and spine damaged]

    - Volume: player suspensions, arranged by player surname. 1973-1983 [spine damaged]

    - Standard of play report, Management Committee meeting to discuss current standard of play compared with the pre-war [pre-1939] standard. 3 March 1954

    - File: Len Casey's appeal file 1984 (Len Casey had been selected for the Great Britain tour in 1984 but was suspended for six months so was unable to attend; he appealed this decision)
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  • RFL/HR/1/8

    Photographs of rugby league players Subfonds

    Photographs of rugby league players
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  • RFL/HR/1/9

    Photographs of domestic rugby league teams Subfonds

    20th cent.
    Photographs of domestic rugby league teams
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