Material collected by Patrick Stewart, actor
press and publicity
Personal papers
Professional papers
  • PSA/B/1

    Scripts Item

    Working scripts used by Patrick Stewart in performances across a range of media. Many contain notations to assist interpretation during performances. Others have notes from directors and fellow actors on the rehearsal process or record seeing a production once in the performance phase.

    Box 1-2: Film Scripts
    Box 3-4: TV Scripts
    Box 5-8: Theatre Scripts
    Box 9: Radio and Scripts for unknown media
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  • PSA/B/2

    Programmes Item

    A collection of programmes retained by the actor, comprising those productions in which he was featured and others at which he was a spectator. The series begins with productions during his school years, including a Mirfield Drama Federation pageant and Calder Valley Summer School productions, through to his professional acting career in the UK and US, including periods in reperatory companies in Sheffield and Bristol, productions with the RSC, and other productions in the West End and on Broadway and productions with UCLA connected to teaching activities..
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  • PSA/B/3

    Press and Publicity Item

    This series contains extracts from the press and media relating and publicity materials relaing to different aspects of Patrick Stewart's life and career. Also includes promotional material.
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  • PSA/B/4

    Personal Papers Item

    Personal materials belonging to Patrick Stewart, including but not limited to: papers relating to the purchase and renovation of South House in Scar Top, letters and postcards, videos and CDs, certificates, scrapbooks, photographs, caricatures, books, material relating to members of the actor's family and documents from the actor's time as a pupil at Mirfield Modern School.
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  • PSA/B/5

    Professional Papers Subfonds

    Materials relating to Patrick Stewart's professional career, including correspondence, call sheets, research materials and notes.
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  • PSA/B/6

    Merchandise Item

    A series of merchanising items relating to roles Sir Patrick Stewart has played, mainly Star Trek: the Next Generation items. Inlcudes collectible photographs, trading cards, models of the actor; snowglobes of his role in A Christmas Carol and pieces of costume.

    From box listing:
    Printed photos of Star Trek merchandise moulds (?)
    A Christmas Carol snow globe
    A Christmas Carol star shaped paperweight, 1996
    A Christmas Carol glass circle/bauble, 1992
    A Christmas Carol glass weight/ornament, 1994-95
    Star Trek merchandise information
    Brent Spiner CD
    Promotional chocolate bar wrapper for Star Trek: First Contact
    Star Trek collector cards (?)
    Top Trumps-esque collector cards for Star Trek
    The Next Generation shooting schedules, signed by Brent Spiner, 1992
    Front page of draft TNG Inner Light script, signed by PS
    Front page of Star Trek: Borg film script (3rd draft), signed by PS – photocopy
    2 x signed cassettes with selections of music from First Contact
    Patrick Stewart postcard
    Various photographs/postcard merchandise
    Comics and magazines, often signed
    Autographs on blank card – his own, Brent Spiner, and possibly one other
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  • PSA/B/7

    Photos Item

    This series contains photographs of Patrick Stewart's personal and professional career.

    From box listing:
    Small folder of photos from a talk show and 6 Lion in Winter slides
    Wallet of Shylock photos
    3 loose photos – Star Trek and Hollywood star
    Folder of photos – Star Trek, other productions(?), talks – some signed
    Unopened packet of Picard photos
    2 x Voyager slides
    Photo album of New York City from Miguel Priest Photography
    4 envelopes of and some loose photographs, both personal and backstage/locations
    Photograph of a Star Trek character (Data/Brent Spiner)
    Star Trek photo
    Photos – mainly Star Trek and X-Men
    Photographs, slides, negatives
    Photo in an envelope of Patrick Stewart meeting (?)Prince Charles
    Photo of a house, Jan 1999
    Photo from Excalibur in Las Vegas with other Star Trek actors
    Various envelopes of and loose photos, generally personal – repackaged into 1 folder
    Photo of Patrick Stewart with his honorary degree
    Professional photo of a performance, stamped ‘Shakespeare Centre Library’
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