Material collected by the Patrick Stewart Research Library [and possibly also The International Audience Alliance for Patrick Stewart]
The International Audience Alliance for Patrick Stewart was an officially sanctioned fan club, active by 1990 until the late 1990s.
it was associated with the Patrick Stewart Research Library located in a domestic home in West Islip, New York which was a volunteer, non-profit, fan-run resource started in 1996. The Library was a reference resource freely open by appointment, and offered photocopying and audio/visual listening/viewing facilities for the purposes of "public outreach and education regarding theatre arts and the career of actor Patrick Stewart"

The IAAPS and the PSRL collected and made available "unique photographs, unusual theatrical memorabilia, many newspaper and magazine articles, as well as numerous video and audio tapes of Mr. Stewart's work in stage, screen, television and radio", as stated on a flyer of 1996.
  • PSA/A/1

    Binders of material relating to "Stage" performances Item

    Mirfield Through the Ages, May 1954, Quary Theatre. Photocopied programme.

    Stage (1958-2001) - A set of numbered binders recording stage productions involving Patrick Stewart whilst working for a number of different production companies, including Royal Shakespeare Company, Bristol Old Vic, numbered 1-29. Material includes programmes, brochures, letters, copy newspaper cuttings etc. Some items are signed.

    Royal Shakespeare Company (1960s-1980s) - General articles, correspondence, newspaper cuttings.
    One unnumbered file including Plays and Players magazines and original RSC playbills (1970s)

    Individual overspill folders from the above numbered file run for the following productions: Hippolytus; Yonadab; Bingo Enemies Occupations; So Many People Have Heads; Love Letters (1995); The Tempest (1995); Tales from the Script (1996); Camelot (1996); The Ride Down Mount Morgan (1998); The Revenger's Tragedy (1998); Tanglewood (1999). They include programmes, administrative records, and copy newspaper cuttings.

    Original programmes, flyers, and other publicity material for a range of performances on stage including narration. Some signed by Sir Patrick Stewart.
    Some of these items are included as photocopies in the binders (PSA/A/1).
    Includes Mirfield through the Ages (photocopy), Saint Joan, Happiest Days of your Life, The Cherry Orchard, A Christmas Carol, Henry IV, The Ride Down Mt. Morgan

    Venues include Bristol Old Vic, St James Theatre

    3 x folders of theatre programmes of Bristol Old Vic 1964, 1965, 1966: Mary Mary, Life of Galileo, Saint Joan, A Scent of Flowers, The Merchant of Venice, The Cherry Orchard, The Quare Fellow, The Happiest Days of Your Life.

    Envelope 1969-70, Programme: Much ado about nothing.

    1 x folder of theatre programmes of 1982 - Henry IV, part 1 & 2.
    1 x folder musical programme of 1991/1992 Concert Seasons of Orange County Symphony, Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (includes ST NG cast members)
    1 x folder 2 x musical programme of 1992 Orange County Symphony - Patrick Stewart Hon. Chairman of Gala Committee.
    1 x envelope, 1993, 2 programmes Every good boy deserves favour, a play for actors and orchestra - Fox Theatre 17 April 1993.
    1 x folder, 1994, 2 commemorative programme Lawrence Batley Theatre Opening Festival September 1994.
    1 x folder, 1995, 2 Lawrence Batley Theatre - Uneasy Lies the Head, 1995 Tony Awards programme.
    1 x folder, 1996, 2 Gypsy of the Year 7th Annual Competition programmes, Programme Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra 1996-97 - celebrating 25 years, 2 Hollywood Bowl 75th Anniversary Season L.A. Philharmonic.
    1 x envelope, 1997, 2 Imagine programmes
    Poster for Theatre Royal, Saint Joan (1965)
    Poster for Theatre Royal, Lock up your daughters (1965)

    Script "Every Good Boy Deserves Favor" and "Professional Foul" (1978)
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  • PSA/A/2

    Binders of material relating to "Television" (Acting) performances Item

    This series contains scripts, letters, copy newspaper cuttings, press packs and reviews relating to Patrick Stewart's performances in television productions in the US and the UK. Including material relating to Start Trek: The Next Generation; Smiley's People; Tinker, Tailor, Soilder, Spy; Sesame Street. Numbered files 1-24.

    Script "Safehouse" (1995)

    Individual overspill folders for productions included in the main series above, 22 files total, including:
    Individual miscellaneous project files for Death Train; Star Trek: The Next Generation "All Good Things"; The Canterville Ghost; Saturday Night Live; Animal Farm and The Simpsons. Moby Dick - 6 files; Safe House - 3 files; A Christmas Carol - 7 files.
    Press pack for: Moby Dick (includes VHS tape), Christmas Carol TV.

    A range of Star Trek: The Next Generation scripts and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine pilot episode, "Emissary". Star Trek: The Next Generation Biography.

    The New Crew (1991) by Personality Magazine.
    The March of Dimes Birth Defect Foundation, Jack Benny Memorial Award Dinner honoring Gene Roddenberry. (1990)
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  • PSA/A/3

    Binders of material relating to "Movies" performances (Acting) Item

    This series contains publicity, newspaper cuttings and reviews relating to Patrick Stewart's performances in film productions. Including material relating to Star Trek films, Jeffrey, Dad Savage, Prince of Egypt and Conspiracy Theory. Numbered files 1-17.

    Individual overspill folders for productions included in the main series above, 21 files total, including: Dad Savage, The Pagemaster, Prince of Egypt, Conspiracy Theory, Masterminds - 2 files, Robin Hood Men in Tights, Let it Be Me, LA Story, Jeffrey, Star Trek: Generations - 2 files, Star Trek: First Contact ( a.k.a. Resurrection)- 6 files, Star Trek: Insurrection - 3 files. These include press cuttings, production files, additional dialogue (ADR), and scripts.

    9 x Advertising pictures - "Dune" (1984)

    Press packs containing cast lists, photographs, production handbooks for film and audio performances.
    Press pack for: Star Trek: Generations.
    Press pack for X Men (2000).
    Premier invitation for Prince of Egypt (1998) and Animal Farm (1999)
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  • PSA/A/4

    Binders of Photographs Item

    Files of photographs, numbered 1-18, covering all aspects of Patrick Stewart's stage, television, film, documentary, charity work, and awards appearances.

    1 additional file of photocopied photographs of Patrick Stewart in Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) productions, 1967-1981.

    Publicity signed photographs and additional framed photographs.Billy Liar, Lock up your Daughters cardboard backed photographs and associated stage plays from 1960s.
    Large photographs.

    Large (oversized) backed B/W photographs of theatre performances (BB16):

    Billy Liar (1963)
    Beggars opera (1965)
    Birthday party (1965)
    Lock up your daughters (1965)
    Royale (1965)
    Poor Bitos (1964)
    Cockade (1964)
    Mary Mary (1964)
    Galileo (1965)

    2 boxes - backed theatre photographs from 1960s.
    Box - colour publicity photographs 1-20, b/w Smiley's People, 2 framed Patrick Stewart, slides - Dr Sues, Star Trek Next Generation, theatre.
    Box - framed colour photograph of Patrick Stewart, publicity photographs, Stewart and naval officers, Stewart playing violin b/w.
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  • PSA/A/5

    Binders of material relating to "Audio" performances (Narration and Drama) Item

    One folder of radio appearances for both drama and interviews, 1978-1993.
    Two numbered folders featuring material relating to voiceover work on documentaries, including MGM:When the Lion Roars and Shakespeare Explorations, etc., 1986-1997.
    One folder relating to voiceover and character work in Multimedia publications, inlcuding "Peter and the Wolf" and "In the Company of Whales".
    One folder relating to voiceover work in commercials, including Mastercard and Porsche Cars.

    Also including 8 files (1991-1998) of voice over scripts for television and multimedia projects, MGM: When the Lion Roars; The planets for young people; From Here to Infinity; Four Seasons; Peter and the Wolf; NASA Intro; Nine Planets; Stargazers; We the Peoples; What is a Whale?; Captain Cook; ST: The Experience Las Vegas; ST: The Special 30 years; Maybe Amazing Earth

    Audio cassettes of theatrical performances, films, Star Trek: Next Generation elements. 1976-1997.
    CD of "The Complete Shakespeare Sonnets"
    3 x dictaphone cassettes.
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  • PSA/A/6

    Binders of material relating to "Appearances" (Interviews, Public Appearances, Fan Group Meetings) Item

    11 numbered files (1988-1997) featuring material relating to science-fiction convention appearances. inlcuding articles, convention advertising, and transcripts of interviews.

    3 numbered files (1993-2000) of material relating to TV appearances and award shows containing newspaper cuttings, correspondence, advertising, promotion material, tickets, etc.

    1 file of college speeches (1995-1999) at Pomona Community College, Santa Clara and Julliard.

    1 file Baltimore Weekend convention (1990)

    Original programmes, invitations and other publicity material for . Some signed by Sir Patrick Stewart.
    Some of these items are included as photocopies in the binders (PSA/A/6).
    Includes Laurience Olivier Awards, GQ Man of the Year, Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Grammys, and unveiling of Patrick Stewart's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    Festival of Britain (1990) advertising supplement (newspaper) to Orange County Register
    British-American Chamber of Commerce, 37th Annual Christmas Luncheon (1995)

    Audio cassettes of radio and television interviews 1989 - 1996.

    Audio cassettes of Patrick Stewart Network and International Audience Alliance for Patrick Stewart meetings and appearances.
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  • PSA/A/7

    Binders of material relating to "Charity work" Item

    2 numbered files relating to performances, recitals, education workshops and fundraisers for ACTER (American Centre for Theatre, Education and Research) of which Patrick Stewart was President, 1993 (1977-1993) also an unnumbered file relating to Wooing, Wedding and Repenting (both of these have either been staged as workshops or fundraising performances for ACTER, also Shylock. 2 letters seeking support for the foundation.

    1 unnumbered file relating to work for Amnesty International features advertising material, interviews, press cuttings, live chat transcripts, remarks and speeches promoting the work of Amnesty (1993-98). Includes some leaflets advertising the Patrick Stewart Scholarship (1996)

    1 unnumbered file relating to the Save the Rose campaign (the Rose Theatre, SouthBank, London). Features press releases, information about the theatre and fundraising materials to be used in the US. DPA ALERT!

    1 unnumbered file related to fundraising work with the Whale Conservation Institute. Features press cuttings, interviews and fundraising events materials (1990s)

    1 envelope of Patrick Stewart Human Rights Scholarship leaflets.
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  • PSA/A/8

    Binders of "Personal" material Item

    13 numbered files relating to Patrick Stewart's personal and professional life. This series includes copies of his professional CV, professional correspondence, information relating to charitable endeavours, interviews about his work and personal life, and notices of awards received. Iincludes scroll of Freedom of City of Tampa.
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  • PSA/A/9

    Binders of Magazines and Comic Books Item

    A file of Cinefantastique magazine (1984-1992) relating to Dune and Star Trek: TNG.
    3 files of Starlog magazine (1984-1992) feauturing interviews with the cast and behind the scenes news
    1 file of magaines (1991-1994 )creating Star Trek commemorative issues for the films and series.
    3 files of Star Trek: The Next Generation magazine (1987-1993)

    4 files of Stargazer magazine (1988-1994), the magazine of the IAAPS. One folder is an index of the publication.
    1 file of Star Trek: : The official fan club Magazine
    Loose magazines: The Call Sheet, British Heritage, American Theatre, Starburst, New Statesman.

    DC Comic books for Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation: Star Trek comics 1-80 (incomplete); 4 issue miniseries Star Trek Modala Imperative; 7x Star Trek comic books; 6x Star Trek Next Generation comic books; Star Trek Next Generation issue 1 comic; 5x assorted Star Trek comics.

    2 boxes: assorted television listing magazines, science fiction magazines, star trek magazines, a variety of magazines covering entertainment, hollywood news, films of all kinds with articles about Patrick Stewart mainly in Star Trek and some X Files and other films and television.
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  • PSA/A/10

    Collectible Items and Memorabilia Item

    A file of Pannini collectible cards featuring Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation characters and objects.

    A range of memorabilia and collectible items, inlcuding:
    5x Captain Picard clocks (1994)
    3x Star Trek mugs (1999)
    1x Star Trek 35 commemorative glass (2001)
    1x limited edition NC1701-D snowglobe featuring Patrick Stewart's voice (1994)
    1x presentation stamp folder for St Vincent and the Grenadines commemorating the final episode of ST:TNG (1994) No. 11043
    1x presentation coin folder with a Star Trek:TNG medal with the obverse showing Jean-Luc Picard (1994) No. 103.
    1x keyring in original packaging for Star Trek: The Experience
    1x Star Trek action figures Jean-Luc Picard as Locutus of Borg and Borg Drone (Collectors Series Edition No. 000030)
    1x Star Trek action figures Jean-Luc Picard as Dixon Hill and Guinan as Gloria
    A set of officially produced items, including bookmarks (x13), Enterprise identification pass, 2 mercurycard phone passes, one in ST: Generations presentation folder, 1 badge, 1 Dixon Hill space cap, 1 Captain Picard info card.
    7x lasergram postcards
    1 small (RF1762) and 1 medium (RF1775) sized pewter figurine of Jean-Luc Picard, (1993)
    1 envelope containing 2 porcelain cards, 1 featuring Jean-Luc Picard and the other Q, limited edition
    1x cardboard cutout of Jean-Luc Picard
    3x action figure dolls of Jean-Luc Picard
    1 Star Trek communicator stand (empty), 1 metal stand, 4x miscellanous leaflets relating to action figures and stickers
    1x Snowglobe - Christmas Carol
    Signed Christmas Carol flyers
    City of San Diego Proclamation - Whoopi Goldberg
    CIA Certificate - Patrick Stewart
    Awards and appearances programmes.
    Star Trek the Next Generations "A Final Unity" computer game and manual, Star Trek Generations manual, Lands of Lore manual (x2).
    1x Hardbacked drawing of Patrick Stewart
    2 x Picard Plaques commecial for sale)
    1 x Award from Young America for Patrick Stewart
    1 x Recognition award for Patrick Stewart reading of "Peter and the Wolf"from Recording Arts Society.
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