Noreen Logan Archive Relating to Huddersfield Labour Party
The collection contains:
1 - Labour Party documents, such as letters, account books and membership cards
2 - Social Committee folder
3 - Newspaper cuttings
4 - Election information such as flyers and manifestos for different parties
5 - Socialist club minute book and account book
6 - Other books and leaflets
  • NL/1

    Huddersfield Labour Party - Noreen Logan Series

    One black leather folder containing various loose items, account books, membership cards and letters belonging to Noreen Logan.
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  • NL/2

    Kirkheaton Labour Party Social Committee Item

    Flyer for the Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee celebrations held in Kirkheaton, on 7 June 1977.

    Letter sent to N Logan, regarding the Lotteries and Gaming act 1963, in relation to the Kirkheaton Branch Labour Party.

    List of winning raffle numbers and prizes.

    3 sheets of dominoes players and stage table for the dominoes competition March 1975.

    3 copies of a leaflet advertising the Kirkheaton ward Labour Party, annual golfing championships, 25 June 1975?

    A letter to L. Craven printers, confirming an order of 3000 raffle tickets.

    Leaflet advertising Kirkheaton Branch mini golf championships. 7 July ????

    A table of darts players and winners of the March 1975 darts competition.

    List of profits made from the various branches of the Huddersfield and Kirkburton Labour Party. 1975.

    List of profits made from the various branches of the Huddersfield and Kirkburton Labour Party. 1976.

    Details of the 1977 annual holiday of the party.

    Details of the social committee's weekend trip to Chester 1976.

    2 raffle tickets for a draw on 30 May 1977.

    1 receipt for trophies purchased by Mrs Logan.

    1 receipt Kirkheaton Labour Party lottery.

    Various note paper sheets listing amounts received from members for different social events.
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  • NL/3

    Newspaper Clippings Item

    Blue TSB bank wallet containing cuttings
    - Picture titled: School's £1m extensions open
    - Picture of some of the winners who took honours in the Huddersfield Bowling Association tournament. 31 October 1981.
    - Small mention of a Mr Frank Hackett's retirement.
    - Article titled, 'Mrs Hackett will go to town'. Noting Mrs Hackett being chosen as a member of a deputation to go to the House of Commons.
    - Article titled, 'Mrs Hackett sees Mr Mabane' to discuss housing issues.

    Photocopy from Huddersfield Examiner, 10 April 1974. 'Finance Chief Answers Rate Critics'.

    Article titled 'Tories blamed for rate rises'.

    Tribute in the Daily Herald, 16 April 1951, to Ernie Bevin.

    Page from the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 6 May 1983. Results of Kirklees council elections.

    Page from 'The Worker', 27 September 1919. Various articles.
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  • NL/4

    Election Items Series

    General election information
    Labour party flyers and information
    Conservative flyers
    Liberal flyers
    Independent candidate flyers
    Other party flyers
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  • NL/5

    Socialist Club Item

    Minute book of Kirkheaton Socialist Club. Commencing 22 January 1937 - 3 April 1937. Contains a letter stuck in the back cover from J.P.W.Mallalieu thanking the party members for their support during the general election. Dated 21 June 1955.

    Account book from August 1949 - April 1957.
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  • NL/6

    Books and Leaflets Item

    Shepley Village Magazine, March 1973.

    A.B.C. of Chairmanship by Sir Walter Citrine, K.B.E. published 1939.

    Leaflet: Three things you gain from women's workplace discussion groups

    Leaflet: Kirklees and Nuclear Weapons

    Leaflet: A few facts and figures about the Huddersfield Corporation Sewage Works.

    Leaflet: Information Digest Service. Tomorrow's Councils: Division of Responsibility.
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