Josef Petraczek Collection
This archive contains the personal papers of a scientific gentleman, Josef Petracek, that were discovered amongst the papers of a Huddersfield Technical College professor. The box of papers contain a personal archive including correspondence, photographs, educational records and lifestyle documents about his life in Vienna and in Huddersfield, where he worked in chemical engineering. Many of the documents are in an early 20th century form of German.
  • JPK/1

    Personal Papers Series

    This series contains personal papers relating to the life of Josef Petraczek, including vital record certificates, residency documents, and documents about his social life in Huddersfield.
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  • JPK/2

    Educational Papers Series

    This series details Josef Petraczek's educational career, with certificates documenting his academic achivement from elementary school to University level. Includes copies of his doctoral thesis, and reprints.
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  • JPK/3

    Correspondence Series

    This series contains a set of personal correspondence, mostly from Josef Petraczek's wife Maria Rahn during her time in Switzerland.
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  • JPK/4

    Photographs Series

    This series contains a set of personal photographs of family and friends of the Petraczek's and a set of art and landscape photos.
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