'The Junior Bookshelf ' Collection
Records, books, booklets and objects relating to the children's literary journal published in Huddersfield.

Includes a complete series of the published magazine, letters from children's authors and journal subscribers, draft articles from contributors and financial records. In addition, some printing blocks for the magazine's illustrations survive, as does a short account of its history written by the editor. There are records relating to children's libraries and librarianship, publishing for children, as well as material relating to literary awards.

JBS/1 The Journal Bookshelf Journal and Related Publications
JBS/2 Editors' Files
JBS/3 Financial Records
JBS/4 Subscribers' Records
JBS/5 Miscellaneous Records and Objects
  • JBS/1

    The Junior Bookshelf: Journal and Related Publications Item

    The Junior Bookshelf Volumes 1-43 complete (volumes 6-9 bound together) and Volumes 44-60 (unbound, complete set).

    Catalogues: Woodfield & Stanley, Books for Young Readers, Parts 1 (2 copies) and 2 (4 copies). Kirkburton, Huddersfield (1951-1952).

    Sale catalogues, ‘Books for Christmas’ and ‘Books for Presents’ produced by The Children’s Bookshop, London 1953, 1955-1959, 1961-1962. List books for sale and includes advertisements for Junior Bookshelf. Printed by The Stanley Press. 12 booklets.

    Booklet: lecture on the history of Woodfield & Stanley Ltd, Huddersfield by Kenneth A Stockham (1980)

    Fearn, Margaret (Ed), ‘Only the Best is Good Enough. The Woodfield Lectures on children’s literature, 1978-1985’. London: Rossendale, 1985. (2 copies)

    Meakin, Derek, Woodfield Lecture XX, 1997
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  • JBS/2

    Editors' Files, The Junior Bookshelf Item

    Typescript, printed and manuscript documents arising from the creation of The Junior Bookshelf magazine, mainly from the 1950s-1960s.

    ‘Archives’ File. Includes an illustration, letters to the editor from subscribers and contributors, records relating to editor’s participation in BBC broadcast. 1936-1961. 57 items

    Diana Morrell File. Letters from subscribers and contributors, draft articles, notes on the history of The Junior Bookshelf, press releases, press cuttings, meeting minutes of The Library Association, promotional leaflet, newsletter, invitations, invoices. 1950-1973. 37 items

    ‘Various Letters and Articles’ file. Contains letters, articles submitted for publication, letters concerning reprinting articles, book lists, material relating to literary awards, pamphlet ‘Cultural Anthropology’ by Walter Goldschmidt. 1957-1980. 23 items

    ‘Junior Bookshelf Literary File’, 1962-1966: Includes letters from journal contributors, drafts of articles, notes, letters to the editor (and extracts from letters). 33 items 1960-1966

    Children’s Libraries and the Book Market, Youth Libraries Group, The Library Association, Pamphlet No 1 (1967). Marked as being ‘for review’.
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  • JBS/3

    Financial Records: The Junior Bookshelf Item

    Accounts and other financial records created in the administration of the children's literature magazine.

    Balance Sheets and Trading, Profit and Loss Accounts 1946-Mar 1997 51 items

    Subscriptions Ledger 1936-1957

    Advertisers Ledger 1936-1962

    Subscriptions and Advertisers Ledger 1970-1973

    Bank statements Dec 1989-Dec 1993
    Bundle of Bank statements Dec 1993-Dec 1995
    Bank statements Jan 1996- Aug 1997

    Manuscript accounts books 1977-1982, 1982-1985, 1985-1991

    Payments book 1982-1997
    Paying-in book 26 June 1995-30 Jan 1997

    File of financial Papers: Royalties. Includes letters, invoices and royalties cheques relating to the reprinting of The Junior Bookshelf articles. 1981-1996 27 items
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  • JBS/4

    Subscribers’ Records: The Junior Bookshelf magazine Item

    Index of Subscribers. Card index with names and addresses of UK and international subscribers, with a note of which volumes they had paid for. c1957-1996.

    Card index of international subscribers, filed alphabetically by country. c1957-?1985

    Card index of unpaid and cancelled subscriptions c1957-1995

    Bundle of subscriber index cards c1958-c1982

    Printed notice slip advising subscribers of a price increase. 1970 (15 items)

    Subscription renewal slips. 1981 (15 items)

    These records are subject to access restrictions in line with the Data Protection Act 2018; please contact for further details.
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  • JBS/5

    Miscellaneous Records and Objects: The Junior Bookshelf Magazine Item

    Wood and etched metal blocks for printing illustrations featured in The Junior Bookshelf. Includes depictions of authors, images of animals, children and creatures from fairy tales. nd [c1936-1997]. 68 items/1 box

    The Junior Bookshelf branded note paper nd [c1950s-1960s]

    The Junior Bookshelf sign nd [c1940s-1970s]

    Card index catalogue of publications divided into those relating to Yorkshire and a general section. Nd [?1968]
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