Managing student records
Student records make up about a quarter of the whole university archive at present, and contain a wealth of information about the background and motivation of students who studied with the institution. The type of information contained within the student record depends on the time period in which they enrolled. Early records are fairly basic, and may just record fees and the final result.

Later records contain more information about the background and lives of the students, from their family to their employer, and overall progress and results across their course.
  • HUD/SR/1

    Membership List Subseries

    Register of Members - Inc. annual members, Frederick Schwann’s charity members (presentees?), fortnightly members, Age, subjects, date of entry, other remarks, employment. subscriptions from Frederick Schwann, Geo. Beaumont, A Armitage, E Schofield.

    List of Members - Alphabetical (1849 begins at back)
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  • HUD/SR/2

    Class Roll Subseries

    Box 1: Class Roll: 1858 - Inc. annual members, presentees and fortnightly members. Occupation, employer, address, previous education, present attainments, position in classes. Annual members inc. J P Crosland, Geo. Armitage, Viscount Goderich, Gas Co, Huddersfield Chronicle.

    Box 2:
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  • HUD/SR/3

    General Registers Subseries

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  • HUD/SR/4

    Register of Teachers and Students Subseries

    1890-1894; 1897-1906; 1912-1915; 1918-1924
    These volumes list students and teachers by type. Day, Evening, Scholarship, Pupil teachers and Teachers.
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  • HUD/SR/5

    Admissions Registers Subseries

    Admission registers contain biographical and family information about students, and on the back side record information about courses taken at the Technical College and student progress.
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  • HUD/SR/6

    Student Admission and Record Forms Subseries

    NOTE: Students requiring evidence of courses or duplicate certifications must do so through Registry and not the archives. See

    A series of student admission and informaton forms recording the student journey through the institution. No complete holdings for all courses and schools. Details of current holdings listed below:

    ADA001 - Architecture 1960-1969 A-H
    ADA002 - Not yet located/May not exist
    ADA003 - Architecture 1970-1979 A-G
    ADA004 - Architecture 1970-1979 H-T
    ADA005 - Not yet located/May not exist
    ADA006 - Architecture 1980-1989 M-Z
    ADA007 - Architecture 1990-1999 A-Z
    ADA008 - Architecture 1990-1999 A-Z
    ADA009- Architecture 1990-1999 A-Z
    ADA010- Architecture 1990-1999 A-Z
    ADA011- Architecture 1990-1999 A-Z
    ADA012- Architecture 1990-1999 A-Z
    ADA013- Architecture 1990-1999 A-Z
    ADA014- Architecture 1990-1999 A-Z
    ADA016- Architecture 1990-1999 A-Z
    ADA017- Architecture 1990-1999 A-Z

    HHS001 - Health Visitors 1987/8 - 1991/2
    HHS002 - Health Visitors 1990/1 and 1992/3
    HHS003 - Operating Dept Practice 1981-1983
    HHS004 - Operating Dept Practice 1982-1984
    HHS005 - Operating Dept Practice 1983-1985
    HHS006 - Operating Dept Practice 1984-1986
    HHS007 - Operating Dept Practice 1985-1987
    HHS008 - Operating Dept Practice 1986-1988
    HHS009 - Operating Dept Practice 1987-1989
    HHS010 - Operating Dept Practice 1988-1990
    HHS011 - Operating Dept Practice 1989-1991
    HHS012 - Operating Dept Practice 1990-1992
    HHS013 - Operating Dept Practice 1990-1992
    HHS014 - Operating Dept Practice 1991-1993
    HHS015 - Operating Dept Practice 1991-1993
    HHS016 - Operating Dept Practice 1992-1994
    HHS017 - Operating Dept Practice 1993-1995
    HHS018 - Operating Dept Practice 1993-1995

    ENG001 - Engineering Student Index Cards A-F 1960s-1970s
    ENG002 - Engineering Student Index Cards G-Q 1960s-1970s
    ENG003 - Engineering Student Index Cards R-Z 1960s-1970s
    ENG004 - Engineering Student Records A-Bl 1917-1991
    ENG005 - Engineering Student Records Bo-Bro 1917-1991
    ENG006 - Engineering Student Records Brow-Coo 1917-1991
    ENG007 - Engineering Student Records D 1917-1991
    ENG008 - Engineering Student Records E-F 1917-1991
    ENG009 - Engineering Student Records G 1917-1991
    ENG010 - Engineering Student Records H-Hea 1917-1991
    ENG011 - Engineering Student Records Hee-Hz 1917-1991
    ENG012 - Engineering Student Records I-Li 1917-1991
    ENG013 - Engineering Student Records Ll-Mc 1917-1991
    ENG014 - Engineering Student Records Me-Ny 1917-1991
    ENG015 - Engineering Student Records O-Q 1917-1991
    ENG016 - Engineering Student Records R 1917-1991
    ENG017 - Engineering Student Records Sa-Sl 1917-1991
    ENG018 - Engineering Student Records Sm-Sy 1917-1991
    ENG019 - Engineering Student Records T-V 1917-1991
    ENG020 - Engineering Student Records Wa-Wi 1917-1991
    ENG021 - Engineering Student Records Wi-Z 1917-1991
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  • HUD/SR/7

    Computer Admissions System Subseries

    The earliest computerised student records are not in the custody of the archive but still with the Admissions Team. Records are subject to the Data Protection Act and University Information Governance policies and will not be open to enquiry by anyone other than the original student for the forseeable future.
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