Managing photographic and audio-visual records
The photographic collection contains photographs collected by the institution for a number of purposes. Firstly, to record the nature of life at the institution and secondly for promotional and publicity purposes.
  • HUD/PT/1

    Campus Development Item

    This series documents the building work taking place across campus, and views of finished buildings and views - aerial and landscapes, including aerial photography and those from a long distance away.
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  • HUD/PT/2

    Subjects and Departments Item

    This series contains photographs taken of students and departments in use. Some may have been staged for the purposes of prospectuses, others document life in the institution and the range of subjects and social activities taking place.
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  • HUD/PT/3

    Graduation and award ceremony AV records Item

    This series contains a set of photographs and videos documenting the various annual graduations and award giving taking place on campus.
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