Managing staff records
  • HUD/HR/1

    Appointments and Resignations Item

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  • HUD/HR/2

    Staff Attendance Item

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  • HUD/HR/3

    Staff Disputes Item

    3 files containing examples of staff disputes from the 1960s
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  • HUD/HR/4

    Staff Correspondence and Administration Item

    Staff National Service Dereservation File 1941-1943
    Staff Correspondence 1937-1940
    Staff Correspondence 1941-1944
    Staff Correspondence - Maintenance and Canteen 1947-1951
    Staff Correspondence - Teaching 1948-1951
    Letter from the Duke of Somerset relating to his visit
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  • HUD/HR/5

    Staff Job Descriptions and Advertisements Item

    Job descriptions for posts within the institution in its early teaching days.
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  • HUD/HR/6

    Staff Development Item

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