Annual Meeting Reports HUD/GV/2/1

Dated 1841-1898

Extent: 1 box

These were reports that were read and ratified at the Annual General Meetings reviewing activities within the Institution in the previous acdemic year.

1840-1871: Including rules of the Huddersfield Mechanics Institution, annual reports of Committee and Sub-Committee and handwritten annual report for Committee for 1848.
1845-1857: Inc. summary of attendance, and progress of classes, committee list, summary of accounts, trades and professions of students, attendance summaries, donations, subscribers, programme of classes, analysis of students achievements, lectures lists.
1880: Inc. attendance figures, Savings Bank management account, list of entertainments, elementary examinations, Yorkshire Union Exams, Science Exams, Clothworkers Scholarships, donations, technical school report, cash account, list of class books used, committee list, members list, members occupations, programme of classes and general business.
1882: Inc. attendance figures, income sources, savings bank management account, entertainments list, technical school report, exam results, cash account, list of class books used, committee list, sub-committees, members list, occupation of ordinary members and presentees, programme of classes and general business, Rules of Penny Bank.
1883: Inc. officers and committee, sub-committee, reports of technical school, science school, art school, higher grade classes, etc. reading room and library, fortnightly meetings, list of entertainments, savings bank account, balance sheet, exam results, analysis of science results, prize/scholarship list, occupations.
1884: Inc. officers and committee, sub-committees, reports from departments and Female Educational Institute, savings bank account, balance sheet, exam results, occupations, inscriptions of medallist board.
1876-1886: Annual Reports, a catalogue of the contents of the library, and a couple of prospectuses in the 1880s.

Between 1898 and 1937, annual reports are bound within the Calendars and Prospectuses published each year to advertise academic dates and courses for the College. See series HUD/MC/1/1
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In a previous catalogue, these items were numbered: HMI//2/1a, HMI/2/1b, HMI/2/2a, HMI/2/3, HMI/2/4, HMI/2/5, HMI/2/6.

Annual reports

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