Managing governance and corporate performance records
  • HUD/GV/1

    Committee Records Series

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  • HUD/GV/2

    Annual Reports Series

    The mechanism through which the College/university reported back on yearly activities to interested stakeholders throughout the commuity. These sub-series contain the reports in their different formats over the history of the institution. [some gaps 1980s-2000s]
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  • HUD/GV/3

    Legal Status and Governance Framework Series

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  • HUD/GV/4

    Inspections and Audits Item

    Reports, correspondence and notes relating to external inspections of the College from HMI and qualifcations authorities including the CCNA.

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  • HUD/GV/5

    Operating Documentation Item

    A set of documents covering the operation and management of the institution, including instruments, handbooks, development policies, school policies, academic policies, relating to both staff and students. A 'snapshot' of the operating documentation as of 1994. Originally held in the library on open access.
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  • HUD/GV/6

    Strategic and Operational Planning Series

    Strategic and operational documents including grey literature in the education sector.
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  • HUD/GV/7

    Senior Staff Appointments Item

    Until 1893 the Secretary was the principal administrative head of the institution. It was only after this date that the post of Principal was created. These contain files relating to the search for new Vice-Chancellors in the latter part of the 20th century/early 21st century.
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