Early Income and Expenditure Records
Ledgers detailing all cash income and expenditure across the institution..
  • HUD/FN/1/1

    Cash Books Item

    1850-1859; 1872-1903; 1926-1935; 1964
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  • HUD/FN/1/2

    Day Books Item

    Day books with cash transactions against student list, for the years 1884 and 1886.
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  • HUD/FN/1/3

    Ledgers Item

    Box 1: 1848-1860 - Indexed, and including subscriptions, Government Grant to School of Design, soirees, stationery, printing, insurance, donations, concerts, galas, special fees, cash account with treasurer, redemption fund, library and reading room, periodicals, incidental expenses, sale of stationery, teachers and officers, account with Frederick Schwann, rent, Savings Bank, repairs, furnishings, invoice accounts.
    1860-1870 - Including subscriptions, salaries, sale of newspapers, stationery, petty cash, library account, donations, soirees.
    1897-1903 - Contracts held and costs incurred for the upkeep of the institution's estate including departmental upgrades and expenditure. Also includes expenditure by subject..

    Box 2: 1872-1882 - Indexed, and including newspapers and periodicals, stationery, books, furniture and repairs, taxes, advertising, miscellaneous expenses, Penny Bank investments - North Eastern Railway Corp. Bradford Corporation, Huddersfield Corporation. Legacy accounts, loan to Huddersfield Corporation and interest gained.
    1884-1887 - Marked no. 1. Indexed, including newspapers, insurance, stationery, fuel, printing, advertising, teaching materials and apparatus, plumbing, exam fees etc.

    Box 3: 1886-1900 - Costs incurred by each of the subjects taught at the institute for materials and supplies. Listed by class across the entire programme, including the day and evening schools and pupil teacher centre.
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  • HUD/FN/1/4

    Receipt Books Item

    Box 1: 1845-1856 - Receipt Book, including rules, prizes, examiners, Notice advertising gathering of Mechanics’ Institutes at Castle Howard, Notices of annual galas, Viscount Ingestre’s lectures, Hants and Wilts Adult Education Society, Letter from members of Mechanics’ Institute concerning music classes in Huddersfield (+ typed copy). (Copy of agreement between George Norton, Clayton West and Committee of Huddersfield Mechanics’ Institute concerning letting of Nelson buildings, New Street, (+ typed copy)). Balance sheet 1847, accounting receipt book, large poster advertising Viscount Ingestre’s lecture. Miscellaneous circulars, misc. receipts.
    1846-1856 - Receipt Book including subscriptions to Yorkshire Union of Mechanic’s Institutes, books, insurance, gala’s, stationery, piano hire, monthly soiree accounts, newspapers, furnishings, repairs, water rent, fire insurance, chemicals, apparatus, periodicals, printing, masonry, concert a/c., financial statement for school of design, interest on mortgage, class books, selection of tickets for soirees, lectures etc. Savings Bank, adverts, memo of tickets sold for Lord Goderich’s lectures, cash summary, exam papers, miscellaneous circulars, subscription to Society of Arts.
    1858 - Receipt Book, including rent for Philosophical Hall and premises in Shambles Street, ground rent, stationery, guarantee to People’s Assurance Society, gas bills, - half yearly account, windows, joinery, plastering etc., class books, insurance, newspapers, furniture and fittings, periodicals, subscriptions to Yorkshire Union of Mechanics Institutes, water rates, interest on mortgage, delegation expenses, The Peel Library, Excursion to Derbyshire, Chemical Class, accounts of book sale.

    Box 2: 1864-1874 - Receipt Book, including firewood, stationery, piano, hire, ground rent, printing, chemicals, carpentry, class books, tea party, insurance, income, tax, apparatus, newspapers, periodicals, Rebecca Hussey’s Book Charity, Chimney sweeping, prizes, book binding, fire insurance, teacher’s allowances for exam results, science class special fees, repairs, excursions and galas.

    Volume 1 - Aug 1887 - Aug 1891

    Volume 2 - Jul 1897 - Mar 1903

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  • HUD/FN/1/5

    Invoice Books Item

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  • HUD/FN/1/6

    Analysis of Income Item

    Weekly analysis of all income from fees and by department and school.
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  • HUD/FN/1/7

    Analysis of Expenditure Item

    1884-1926; 1965-1968
    Monthly analysis of expenditure from across the institution.
    Box 1: 1884-1902
    Box 2: 1902-1926; 1965-1968
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