Managing financial records
The financial management of the institution has been carried out very differently over the course of its history, and this is reflected in the financial records that have been retained. In the early days, records show the institution being run on a subscription basis, and subsequently membership based model, before the more familiar method of payment by course was introduced.

Some records cover the financial day to day running of the institution, and the payment of staff. There are also records of relief given to students in the form of prizes and scholarships, and the management of their fees toward their course of study.
  • HUD/FN/1

    Early Income and Expenditure Records Item

    1884-1903, 1926-1935
    Ledgers detailing all cash income and expenditure across the institution..
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  • HUD/FN/2

    Fee Registers Item

    Sets of volumes of fees and contributions from members and students toward courses.
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  • HUD/FN/3

    Salary/Wage Records Item

    Box 1: 1851-1855 - A receipt book detailing staff rates of pay, plus sundries e.g. postage, stamps, candles and matches, parcel carriage.
    1865-1875 - A ledger recording attendance and salary, Including rates of pay.
    1875-1883 - A ledger recording attendance and salary, Including rates of pay.
    1884-1886 - A Classes expenditure ledger which lists salaries of staff.
    1885-1889 - A book detailing individual staff salaries, which includes at the back departmental wage bills.
    1893-1894 - A book recording the salaries of staff during this session.
    1901-1903 - A book recording the salaries of staff, ended with the transfer of governance of the organisation to the Council.
    Also includes a Claim Book 1870-1881 - Claim Book - Science and Art classes including information concerning the amalgamated examinations - number of schools and pupils participating, number of students under instruction, number of students intending to be examined, teacher’s claims for results on students not entitled to full grant, accounts of pupil teachers, cost of packing, teachers salary plus results allowance, amount of fees received and subscriptions.

    Box 2: 1929-1941 - 3x salary ledgers
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  • HUD/FN/4

    Penny Savings Bank Records Item

    Ledgers including amounts deposited "in" and amounts withdrawn “out".
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  • HUD/FN/5

    Trust Fund Records Item

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  • HUD/FN/6

    Revenue Control Budgets Item

    Documents relating to revenue expenditure and control budgets.
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  • HUD/FN/7

    Institutional Financial Statements Item

    A set of financial rules for the institution.
    Published end of year financial statements, including the following years:

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