Managing the estate and facilities
The Estates department manage the physical buildings across campus, including planning and overseeing building works by third party contractors, and all the drawings and associated building plans. There are also records relating to the equipment and stock acquired for various parts of the university. As well as managing the physical estate and maintenance, their support staff ensure the delivery of stock and supplies across campus, managing waste removal and setting up rooms for events and activities.
  • HUD/ET/1

    Technical Drawings and Building Plans Item

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  • HUD/ET/2

    Capital and Building Works Series

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  • HUD/ET/3

    Equipment and Stock Control Item

    Stock and equipment required for Pupil Teacher Classes.
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  • HUD/ET/4

    Perspective Newsletter Item

    The newsletter for university staff about developments in the campus estate.
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  • HUD/ET/5

    Health and Safety Committees Item

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  • HUD/ET/6

    Facilities Records Item

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