Managing academic administration records
This function administers the academic progress and success of students involved with the institution. This includes timetabling of subjects, monitoring attendance and progress, administering exams and scholarships and the prizes and awards obtained by graduating students. Major runs of records cover the period of the Technical College, but are patchy during other time periods.

Before the emergence of the College of Technology in 1958, all of these functions would be controlled across the entire institution, whilst post-1958, activities in series 1-3 (where they still exist) would be the responsibility of the School or Department administering the course, whilst recording of series 4-7 would be handled by what is now Registry.
  • HUD/AP/1

    Full Course Timetables Item

    This series contains volumes of full course timetables for individual students for each academic year from 1895/96 to 1948/49. A printed timetable for each course of study has been pasted in to the book beside the student's name. The timetables also contain corrections, details of student movements and performance.

    Box 1: 1895-1903
    Box 2: 1903-1909
    Box 3: 1909-1916
    Box 4: 1916-1923
    Box 5: 1923-1930
    Box 6: 1930-1936
    Box 7: 1936-1943
    Box 8: 1943-1949

    These volumes could be used as an index to the course taken by the individual, and the modules that were required to fulfill that course of study.
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  • HUD/AP/2

    Attendance Registers Series

    Recording of student attendance at classes across the history of the institution. Early classes are listed by name and later ones by name and course code.
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  • HUD/AP/3

    Progress Reports Series

    This series contains one page progress reports containing marks and comments on student progress for students on full time, part time and evening courses.
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  • HUD/AP/4

    Exam Registers Series

    A set of exam result registers for internal college exams and some for external examining bodies like City & Guilds and CCNA.

    For assessment related materials for the post-1980s era, see the Examination and Assessment series under each School in the Teaching and Learning area.
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  • HUD/AP/5

    Scholarship Records Series

    These registers record the scholarships given out to students at the institution.
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  • HUD/AP/6

    Prize Records Series

    Correspondence and lists of students who won prizes from the College. Records of early prize and award winners could also be found in the old calendars and prospectuses HUD/MK/1.
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  • HUD/AP/7

    Award Programmes Item

    Booklets recording graduation award ceremonies, including details of graduates and honorary graduates for each academic year.

    Records of early prize and award winners could also be found in the old calendars and prospectuses HUD/MK/1 - Prospectuses.
    Photography and videos of award ceremonies can be found in the HUD/PT/2 - Graduation and award ceremony AV records.
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