Howard Rogerson Archive
Howard Rogerson's archive covering his life and career in music. Howard studied music at Huddersfield Technical College from 1963 to 1967 and later taught clarinet at Huddersfield Polytechnic/University of Huddersfield between 1986 and 1996.

Throughout his career Howard Rogerson has been involved in many different ensembles, orchestras and music organisations and this is reflected in the records, including D'Oyly Carte Opera Company, Cosmos Quintet, Spohr Trio, Palm Court Concert Orchestra, Music Serenade, Aeolian Ensemble, Settle Orchestra and Opera North.

Each file contains varying amounts of information but records that are common to most files include correspondence and invoices concerning performances by the orchestra/group, concert programmes, promotional materials, reviews, administrative records.

The archive also includes personal memorabilia, and other concert programmes, and records relating to his education in Huddersfield.
  • HRA/1

    Opera North Series

    Opera North was established in 1978 , with the specific intention of delivering high-quality opera to the northern areas of England. It was the first permanently established opera company in the North. The boxes include various programmes, leaflets and newspaper clippings from the Operas performances.
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  • HRA/2

    The Music Serenade Series

    Box contains files on various correspondence and information about the Music Serendae group including attempts to get the orchestra booked at various places around the country. Files also include invoices, newspaper clippings and programmes from the various performances.
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  • HRA/3

    North Yorkshire Music Centre & County Orchestra Series

    Howard taught at the Centre and also conducted the junior orchestra. The file contains documents from 1986 to 2008.
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  • HRA/4

    Recitals and orchestral work Series

    Programmes and correspondence relating to orchestral performances including groups such as the Cosmos Quintet and the Spohr Trio.
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  • HRA/5

    Palm Court Orchestra Series

    The Palm court orchestra was one of the ensembles formed as part of Opera North in 1978. Howard formed, managed and played in the orchestra.
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  • HRA/6

    Music, Another Language Series

    Files relating to a training workshop for professional musicians wishing to work with mentally ill and mentally handicapped people in West Yorkshire. File includes sheet music, notes and phoographs.
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  • HRA/7

    Personal Records and education Series

    Files about Howards personal information including school records and also some biographical information about his life supplied by Howard himself.
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  • HRA/8

    The Aeolian Ensemble Series

    The Aeolian Ensemble was formed by howard. It was an 'Artists in Residence' ensemble with the Yorkshire arts association. First file includes correspondence and newspaper reviews of the ensembles performances. The second includes a selection of programmes from the ensembles performances. The third and fourth files contain more correspondence and leaflets.
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  • HRA/9

    Tapes and CD's Series

    A collection of casette tapes and Cd's of performances from groups such as 'Music for you' and 'The Music Serenade.
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  • HRA/10

    Settle Orchestra Series

    Orchestra based in Craven, South Cumbria which performed in the sorrounding areas and Howard directed.
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