Corporate planning and administration
This area contains records relating to the administration of the business and forward planning for expansion and growth of the business into new areas and products. It contains high level board minutes and papers, annual reports and reports of the board about the progression of the business against its plans. It also contains information about government contracts and documents about standards and improvements to be made to dealing with the business, its equipment and its staff in order to be as efficient as possible. It also contains details of the company's Articles of Association.
  • HOP/CP/1

    Hopkinsons Ltd directors' meeting minutes Series

    Includes two volumes of signed minutes of extraordinary general meetings, annual general meetings, shareholders meetings and directors' meetings.
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  • HOP/CP/2

    Hopkinsons Ltd minute book indexes Series

    20th century
    Includes an index to directors' meeting minutes and an index to missing minutes
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  • HOP/CP/3

    Hopkinsons Ltd board reports Series

    Monthly reports of operating statements and related papers, including financial, marketing, production and engineering reports.
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  • HOP/CP/4

    Hopkinsons Ltd annual reports Item

    Annual reports and balance sheets, 1928-1948.
    Annual reports and accounts, 1949-1975, 1980 and 1987.
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  • HOP/CP/5

    Hopkinsons Ltd Register of Director or Managers Item

    Register containing the names, nationalities, addresses and occupations of directors and managers.
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  • HOP/CP/6

    Hopkinsons Ltd and Ministry of Supply Agreements Series

    Correspondence and contract agreements between the Ministry of Supply and Hopkinsons Ltd.
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  • HOP/CP/7

    Hopkinsons Ltd standards bulletins and improvement reports Item

    A set of reports that may have been externally commissioned to observe and report on making improvements to a number of departments and processes throughout the business. One file also contains a set of standards bulletins that addresses incentive and bonus schemes for workers in particular areas.

    Improvement reports cover the following areas:
    D.O and Standardisation
    General Routine
    Machine Shops
    Production Control
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  • HOP/CP/8

    Hopkinsons Ltd. Memorandum and Revised Articles of Association Item

    Copy of the Memorandum and Revised Articles of Association (2 copies). Also includes Assignment of Patents and property from a liquidated company, Templer and Ranoe, Coventry, acquired by Hopkinsons, between 1900-1910.
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