Hopkinsons Limited Archive
Records of Hopkinsons Limited, Huddersfield-based isolation and control valve manufacturer.

The archive comprises
Production records, including photographs, drawings, patents, factory production information and analysis records, and samples and equipment.
Corporate planning and administration records, including minutes of directors' and Board meetings.
Estates and facilities records, including site plans and photographs of premises.
Financial records.
Personnel records, including staff photographs, company magazines and newsletters, and staff social activities.
Marketing records, including product catalogues, photographs, exhibition awards and medallions, and company history.
  • HOP/CP

    Corporate planning and administration Subfonds

    This area contains records relating to the administration of the business and forward planning for expansion and growth of the business into new areas and products. It contains high level board minutes and papers, annual reports and reports of the board about the progression of the business against its plans. It also contains information about government contracts and documents about standards and improvements to be made to dealing with the business, its equipment and its staff in order to be as efficient as possible. It also contains details of the company's Articles of Association.
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  • HOP/ET

    Estates and facilities Subfonds

    This area contains details of all of Hopkinsons locations throughout the UK and in some cases also includes plans for its sites, and the redevelopment of these buildings. It contains example signage from thoughout the business and photographs of various shop sites.
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  • HOP/FN

    Finance Subfonds

    This area contains the financial records of the company throughout the 20th century. It includes ledgers, cash books, operating statements, taxation records and balance sheets. A set of share certificates was sampled and a small portion retained as examples.
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  • HOP/HR

    Personnel Subfonds

    Records relating to the working lives of Hopkinsons staff. These include a large set of photographs of staff at both business and social events. Also includes health and welfare records, including accident reports, trade union records and a set of the company magazine, 'Firm Friends'. There are training records, a small staff professional library and records of social clubs inlcuding the operatic section and sports clubs.
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  • HOP/MK

    Marketing Subfonds

    Records relating to the marketing of Hopkinsons products via different mediums. These include product manuals destined for potential and existing customers, examples of the company's advertising. It also contains awards and medals achieved at trade exhibitions, a series of merchandise items, and the company's historical archive, including family trees, details of the 1924 Empire exhibition trip.
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  • HOP/PR

    Production Subfonds

    20th cent.
    Records relating to the production of valves from the company. These range from drawings and photographs of the development and ordering of products, patent records legally protecting designs and the order process between customer and supplier. There are also a small number of samples of products for illustrative purposes.
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