Huddersfield Music Society
This collection covers the society transactions of the Huddersfield Music Society. It includes records of decision making and financial transactions through minute books and accounts; some details of those involved in the club through subscriber information (closed due to the Data Protection Act) and catalogues of works played, along with programmes, tickets and publicity materials. Know as the Huddersfield Music Club until 1962, they changed their name to Huddersfield Music Society to become more inclusive. In the 1960s they made links with the College of Technology's Music Department, and for a while students participated concerts as part of their programme. In 1983 when looking for new accommodation they settled in St Paul's Hall on the University Campus. The Society has invited, and continues to invite many eminent musicians to give recitals, and over the years Benjamin Britten, Kathleen Ferrier and Paul Robeson have played concerts for them. [Source: Huddersfield Music Society site:]
  • HMS/1

    Governance Records Series

    These records cover decisions made during committee meetings, the rules of the society and their annual reports discussing events and activities.
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  • HMS/2

    Financial Records Series

    Relates to a range of financial dealings undertaken by the society, including subscriptions and accounts.
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  • HMS/3

    Performance Records Series

    Records of the works played by the organisation and correspondence relating to new works.
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  • HMS/4

    Publicity Material Series

    Publicity material relating to the society's concerts, including 2 large format posters advertising previous well known concert participants..
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