Huddersfield Literary and Scientific Society Archive
Papers relating to property (1861-1881); minutes including proposal of Charles Hobkirk as secretary, lecture notes on topics including 'Manufacturers of the district depending on chemistry', 'Coal for products', 'Fatty matters' (1864-1881); membership records with subscription books and receipts for subscriptions from Charles Sikes, George Tindall and Charles Hobkirk; (1857-1870); registers of donations to the museum including from Joseph Tolson and Joseph Crosland (1862-63); proceedings including rules, annual reports, programmes and catalogues of exhibitions (1837-1882); financial records (1857-1874); correspondence (1857-1882); miscellaneous papers (1860-1877)
  • HLS/1

    Buildings and Land Series

    Documents relating to leasehold on rented property and land
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  • HLS/2

    Minutes Series

    Minutes and notes of the Society
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  • HLS/3

    Membership Records Series

    Member's Subscription Book, Annual Subscription Book, List of Subscribers, Receipt book and donations to Museum.
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  • HLS/4

    Proceedings Series

    Includes rules of the society, essays and lecture papers, annual reports, library book and catalogues.
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  • HLS/5

    Financial Papers Series

    Includes Receipts, Balance Sheet, Cash book and Cash Account records.
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  • HLS/6

    Letters Series

    Correspondence relating to relationship between other Societies, resignation of committee members, meetings and loan of equipment and exhibits, proposed lecture notes, summons to appear in court as a witness, proposals for membership of individuals, resolutions at meetings, objections to formation of too many seperate sections of the society and demands for payments by individuals.
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  • HLS/7

    Administrative Records Series

    Including notice for payment of debts, advertisement, pamphlet, Rainfall Statistics, attendance request, catalogue crads, list of species, specimen packet, plan of exhibition, Printing Block,Ray Society list of offiecers and subscribers, and report of Council, Rule book, badly damaged letters and receipts and address Mr Arthur Jessop.
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