Holly Bank College of Education (Technical) Archive
This collection contains the records of the Huddersfield College of Education (Technical) from its formation in 1947 until the point at which it was merged with the School of Education at Huddersfield Polytechnic in 1974. See the Related Material section for how to find records dated after 1974.

The collection includes the papers and minutes of the governors and academic board and the wider strategic direction of the college, as well as operational minutes of internal committees. There are a number of files in the years preceding the merger considering the proposal and bringing together the opinions of interested stakeholders. There are a set of teaching materials and talks developed by the Principal, Alexander MacLennan. A small section on teaching and learning contains sample course syllabuses and reports on courses that have been reunning, as well as a set of dissertations and a number of reports from students taking part in educational exchange visits to countries across Europe.

The Library series contains both articles written by staff and by external agents about the college. There are also some documents about the operation of the library and the planning of a new library building.

There is also a series of papers relating to the Student Union, including student media, committee and some financial papers. There is also a series on the activities of the Old Student's Association (also known as the Former Student's Association) who were a membership body of former staff and students who held annual reunion conferences and dinners until their 60th anniversary in 2008, when they disbanded. It includes details of where conferences were held and correspondence between members, as well as snapshot views of the membership lists over time.

There are also a number of photographs of staff and student groups, as well as internal and external photographs of college buildings, and of alumni in later years re-visiting the college and its accommodation.
  • HLB/CP

    Correspondence and Papers Subfonds

    Correspondence and papers mainly directed to and from the office of Principal, who was the Senior Officer of the College. Correspondence relates to educational matters, mainly with the Department of Education. Papers were those of Alexander MacLennan, Principal from 1947-1974, and contains his research, notes and thoughts on teaching.
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  • HLB/ES

    Estates and Facilities Subfonds

    Records relating to physical assets of the college and those relating to buildings and facilities.
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  • HLB/GV

    Governance Subfonds

    This series contains the strategic and operational decision making for the college's future, both from internal committeees and those on the local borough council. It also contains official documentation, such as the Instrument and Articles of Governance and the report of the 1962 college's Inspectors report.
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  • HLB/LB

    Library Management Subfonds

    This series contains a record of some of the contents of the original Holly Bank library, copies of publications written by staff, other reports written by those working outside the institution studing its operation. it also contains copies of documents useful to the operation of the library, and plans relating to a possible new library building.
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  • HLB/MC

    Marketing and Communications Subfonds

    This series contains a number of promotional leaflets advertising the library and prospectuses for the college based in Holly Bank.
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    Old Student's Association Subfonds

    Also known as the Former Student's Association, this society was set up in order to maintain contact between former staff and students and took the form of a membership body that met for annual reunions and dinners around Yorkshire. It operated for 60 years, before conducting its final reunion in 2008. Photos found with this collection have been diverted into the main photographic series.
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  • HLB/PT

    Photographic and Video Collection Subfonds

    Photographs and videos of the Holly Bank staff, students and campus.
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  • HLB/SU

    Student Union Activities Subfonds

    This series reflects the activities of students on campus, including student media, the minutes from political meetings and activities and the finances of the student union.
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  • HLB/TC

    Teaching and Learning Subfonds

    This series includes a range of materials reflecting the teaching and learning that took place in the college. It includes final drafts of courses, evaluation documents, reports from student european fact finding visits, and a selection of student dissertations.
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