Bonwell Spence archive
Comprises the archaeological work of Bonwell (Bon) Spence, founder member of the Huddersfield and District Archaeological Society:
Part 1. Sites local to Huddersfield.
Part 2. More extensive site reports.
Part 3. Collection of Aerial Photographs.
Part 4. Collection of 35mm slides.
Part 5. Articles & Technical Studies.
Part 6. Miscellaneous papers.
Part 7. Maps and copy maps
  • HDAS/3/1

    Bonwell Spence Archive "Part 1 Sites local to Huddersfield" Item

    Ark Hill, Huddersfield
    Brief note by BS of early HDAS inspection and possible aerial photo.
    Now (2017) identified as Hill House Motte & Bailey HE. NMR 1433553
    added with Examiner feature published 12th August 2017 with video.

    Ashton Binn, Marsden
    Green Hill Clough Marsden SE 05181265. Nine colour photographs
    (undated) of a waterfall on a possible line of a Roman Road. NIL on HE.

    Barkers Field, Grimscar Foot
    Notes of field walking c. 1990 off Reap Hirst Road SE 12751882 near
    Grimscar Dike. Pottery finds – Roman(?) a lead ‘button’ and thumb nail
    flint scraper. More information may be in the Lunn archive. NIL on HE.

    Birks Wood, Stocksmoor
    HDAS Newsletter No.1 (2000) reports on excavation. Photographs, plans
    and section drawings. Notes on site and pottery report Cumberpatch, C.G.
    Location at SE 18531112. NIL on HE.

    Blackmoorfoot An enclosure at SE104133 with details of aerial photographs and e-mails
    of the time- 2002-04. Possible bronze age/iron age enclosure.
    Added material is HE report (2015) on NMR 1433536

    Burnt Cumberworth
    An earthwork at SE194073. Extracts Morehouse, H.J. and extract from
    West Yorks. SMR. Maps and extract from 1854 6” OS. NIL on HE.

    Carr Clough. Marsden
    Nine undated colour photographs of a metalled surface leading down to
    Carr Clough. Perhaps a cattle track. One stone with wine glass carving.

    Cartgate Foot 3 undated photographs & colour slide of a cylindrical stone near Burnt
    Plats Lane south of New Hey Rd & west of Pole Moor HD7 5UY NIL/HE

    Castle Hill., Almondbury
    Maps and excerpts from WYAS feasibility study. Examiner press cuttings
    re. Varley excavations.

    Castle Hill Denby
    Drawings by Gilks, J. of flint finds from field walking at High Flatts with
    slide of aerial photograph of site. See YAJ Vol 44 1972 p 217

    Close Moss Marsden Moor
    Notes on a Roman road from Brown Rough over Millstone Edge to
    Thieves Bridge. 15 colour photographs (1999) and 1 colour slide.

    Clough House Bridge
    10 undated colour photographs; drawing and photograph of stone disc
    with press cuttings dated August 1989. Slaithwaite. NIL on HE.

    Cooks Study & Snailsden
    Note on the 1958/59 excavations of Mesolithic flint sites near Snailsden
    reservoir. Added material is HE report (2015) on NMR 48980

    Far Owlers, Marsden
    Notes concerning the possibility of iron slag being found on the bank of a
    stream between Far Owlers farm and the Manchester Road. NIL on HE.

    Fixby Ridge & Morgan Clump
    Report of trial excavations on Fixby Ridge in 2001by Lunn, N. Unlikely
    to be a pre-historic earthwork. Un-related map of “round hills” in locality.
    Passing mention of Ark Hill ‘mound’. NIL on HE.

    Grimescar Dike Notes on tree planting proposals in 1992. Maps. Nothing found in any
    holes that were checked. NIL on HE.

    Grimescar Foot Land dispute. Press cutting 11/11/1995. Copy map dated 1609. NIL/ HE. n/a

    Grimscar Tile Kiln
    Seven page report in HDAS Bulletin No. 16 by Hallam, A in 1965. Plans
    and images. Also 1964 extract from YAJ by Purdy, J.G. & Manby, T.G.
    twelve pages. Added material is HE report (2015) on NMR 49084.

    Hagg Wood Honley
    Report of excavations in 1961-62 by Lunn, N. (six pages) and the 1963
    version published in Bulletin No.13. Two HE reports in Box 1 & database

    Honley Old Wood
    Undated rough survey of cairns by Lunn, N.
    Also press cuttings about preservation of the Woods from 1992-95.

    Lindley Moor Press cutting from 2000 about finds of late Neolithic or early Bronze age Pottery which may be in the Tolson Museum. NIL on HE.

    Meg Dyke Press cutting of 1975 showing excavation and conclusion that it is not
    Roman. Added material is HE report (2015) on NMR 47556

    Moorside Edge Report by Spence, B. three pages 1991with pollen analysis by Moran, N.
    plus drawings, sections, press cuttings and photographs of 2 phases.
    Also analysis of charcoal fragments by Wheeler, J rec. 2008. NIL on HE.

    Myers Wood 1 Plans & geophysical surveys by Vernon, R. Site plan by Bailey, D. Grid +
    B&W images. Pottery reports by Cumberpatch, C.G. Pottery summary by
    Spence, B. Quern images & correspondence with Murphy, G. NIL on HE.

    Myers Wood 2 Research papers and maps by Shore, D. Research notes on granges +
    1881 census by Spence, B. Notes on Storthes Hall by Ahier, P.

    Myers Wood
    Programme, press statement and press cuttings. Summary by Clay, G.
    Presentation by Vernon, R. Pottery report by Spence, B.

    Oldfield Hill &
    Royd Edge
    Copy articles in HDAS Bulletins Nos. 7,9,10,11,15 & 19 by Toomey, J.P.
    WYAS excavation report with geophysical survey. Press cuttings.
    Added material is HE report (2015) on NMR 47572.

    Oldgate Clough Two copies of a five page archaeological evaluation by Bailey, D. 2002.
    NIL on HE.

    Pule Bents
    Roman road
    A six page report of excavations on Marsden Moor by Spence, B includes
    an appendix by Clay, G, (2002). Maps, aerial images, photographs and
    slides with correspondence. NIL on HE.

    Pule Hill Warlow
    A three page draft report on a suggested Roman signal station by
    Crosland, W.E. (1984-86). Correspondence & press cuttings.
    Added material is HE report (2015) on NMR 903286.

    Rastrick One page e-mail concerning a possible Roman road line at SE 1338/2060
    Lower Hopper-Take from Bailey, D. 2001. NIL on HE.

    Roman road Assorted papers on the Roman road. Extracts from the notebook of late
    Marsden, G and copy obituary. Articles from Newsletters 10, 11 and 12.
    Image of Dial Stone and map of Hind Hill.

    Saville Wood Empty folder – see Storthes Hall.
    Scammonden Notes, images and maps of earthworks at Rye Field Lane by Howcroft, B.
    NIL on HE.

    School Wood Farnley Tyas
    Two page report on a trial excavation that indicated a Roman road surface
    by Lunn, N. (1995). Sketches, plans, maps & images,

    Short Grain House, Marsden
    Four pages of notes by Spence, B. Clay, G. & Bailey, D (2000 & 1990) of
    a derelict house with images, maps & press cuttings. NIL on HE.

    Slack road to Templeborough
    Five page note on a possible Roman road by Lunn, N. (1995) with copy
    maps. [See also School Wood above.] NIL on HE.

    Slate Pits Wood Meltham
    Two copies of a fifteen page report of investigations between 1963-1971.
    By Lunn, N. Location tracing. Added material HE report on NMR 49194.

    Storthes Hall + Saville Wood
    Three page report on Saville Wood excavation by Lunn, N. (1998) with
    site plan, correspondence, maps, images and press cuttings. NIL on HE.

    Upper Holme Slaithwaite
    Notes on 1988 investigations of the Roman road. Geophysical report y
    Aspinall A. Images and a tracing of roads circa 1800. NIL on HE.

    Waller Clough Draft and four page report on probing the line of the Roman Road by
    Spence, B. Plus plan of site, aerial and other images, maps and early field
    maps of 1805. NIL on HE.

    West Nab Meltham
    A report of Mesolithic found at West Nab included in HDAS Bulletin
    No.6 (April 1960) by Hallam, J.S. Images and correspondence.
    Added material is HE report (2015) on NMR 47368.

    West Top above Slaithwaite
    Roman road excavations in 2000. Images, location plan with section
    drawings by Bailey, D. NIL on HE.

    Notes on a find of Roman coins at Wistance in Thurstonland in 1883.
    Extracts from Gentlemen’s Magazine and others. NILon HE.

    Wholestone Moor
    Single photograph of supposed agger by Howcroft, B.
    Report of later excavations - in preparation by HDAS for main archive
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  • HDAS/3/2

    Bonwell Spence Archive "Part 2 More extensive site reports" Item

    Castleshaw and Spa Clough
    19 page report on Excavation and Conservation at Castleshaw Roman Forts 1985-86 by Start, D. Hunter-Mann, K. Redhead, N. & Walker, J.
    9 page interim report An Iron Furnace Complex at Spa Clough, Castleshaw by Redhead, N. 1991.
    22 page interim report on Spa Clough by The Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit – November 1992.
    53 page second interim excavation report on Spa Clough by The Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit – December 1993.
    47 page report on Daycroft Field, Castleshaw. An evaluation of extramural activity south of the Roman fort complex. By The Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit – January 1996.
    42 page excavation report on Cudworth Pasture, Castleshaw. By The Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit – May 1996.
    63 page report on Castleshaw Evaluation Stage 2. Further investigations of extra-mural activity at an upland Roman military site. By The Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit – January 1997. Plus assorted correspondence.
    [See HDAS/2/1]

    Slack Annexe 1992
    3 page post excavation report by Spence, B. July 1993.
    2 page report on pottery by Rush, P. March 1993.
    3 page report on 69 bone fragments by Mulville, J.A. September 1992.
    7 page geophysical report by Bradford University Department of
    Archaeological Sciences May 1992.
    Plan of excavation, maps and related correspondence.
    Plan of the Roman fort from excavations in 1913 to 1915.
    Images in B&W and colour with assorted colour slides.
    [See also HDAS/2/9]
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  • HDAS/3/3

    Bonwell Spence Archive "Part 3 Collection of Aerial Photographs" Item

    Includes a large envelope with acetate overlays marked with site names. See also HDAS/2 sites.

    Blackmoor Foot 1 B&W image (23x23 cm) dated 19.11.1971. Earthwork. Meridian 179 71 193
    Blackstone Edge 2 B&W RAF images (17x12 cm) dated 12.07.1955. Refs: 0398 & 0399 Line of ancient route marked on rear.
    Castle Hill Almondbury One large (24x20 cm) B&W image which appears to have been provided by David Brown Gears Ltd. Publicity ref. E1261/4. Undated.
    Castle Hill Denby 1 B&W RAF images (22x17 cm) dated 07.09.1954. Three copies of 0234 with the earthwork marked on one copy. With overlay and note. See also Meridian 25 68 027 B&W dated 25.04.68 marked on rear.
    Crosland Road, Lindley Moor 1 B&W image (23x23 cm) dated 19.11.1971. Meridian 180 71 016. Marked on rear Cowrakes (?)
    Denby (Upper) 1 B&W image (23x23 cm) dated 21.07.1966. Meridian 42 66 043
    Fixby Ridge 1 B&W image (23x23 cm) dated 21.10.1972. Meridian 102 72 164
    Flockton 2 photocopies of WY 109/15 and 109/17 dated 29.07. 1983 with map.
    Gadding Moor 2 B&W RAF images (17x12 cm) dated 07.09.1954. Arrow marked sites near Hoyland Swaine
    Holme 1 B&W image (21x17 cm) 15.05.1948. Earthwork (?) marked on rear.
    Ingbirchworth 1 B&W image (23x23 cm) dated 25.04.19. Meridian 24 68 043
    Lee Hill 2 B&W RAF images (23x18 cm) dated 11.08.1953. Refs: 0246 & 0247. Features and locations marked on rear.
    Marsden 8 B&W images of Marsden golf course (17x12 cm) dated 13.11.1985 with grid references. 2 larger B&W images, undated
    Also 5 undated negatives of images in the Marsden locality.
    Also 1 B&W image (23x23 cm) dated 20.10.1972. Meridian101 72 223
    Meg Dyke 2 B&W RAF images (23x18 cm) dated 17.05.1948. Refs: 3270 & 3271. Arrow marked site on fronts.
    Millstone Edge 2 undated colour images (24x20 cm) of Millstone Edge & Butterley
    Moorside Edge 1 B&W image (23x23 cm) dated 19.11.1971. Meridian 179 71 068
    Netherton 2 B&W RAF images (23x18 cm) dated 17.05.1948. Arrow marked sites on front and * mark on reverse to show Hall Dyke and two woods.
    Oldfield Hill 2 B&W RAF images (23x18 cm) dated 11.08.1953 PLUS one similar of Royd Edge. * mark on reverse indicates position of archaeology.
    Outlane 2 B&W RAF images (23x18 cm) dated 11.08.1953 both ref:0314 which can be overlapped with Scapegoat Hill. Slack marked on reverse.
    Pule Hill 2 undated colour images (24x20 cm) of Pule Hill and Worlow.
    Round Ings Rd. 1 B&W image (23x23 cm) dated 19.11.1971. Meridian 179 71 106
    Royd Edge See Oldfield Hill envelope.
    Also 1 B&W image (23x23 cm) dated 19.11.1971. Meridian 179 71 167
    Scapegoat Hill See Outlane envelope.
    Shepley 1 B&W image (23x23 cm) dated 25.04.1968. Meridian 25 68 029 n/a
    Slack 2 B&W RAF images (23x18 cm) dated 11.08.1953 both ref:0313 which can be overlapped with Scapegoat Hill. Locations marked on reverse.
    Also 1 B&W image (23x23 cm) dated 19.11.1971. Meridian 179 71 108
    Slate Pits 3 B&W RAF images (23x18 cm) dated 11.08.1953. Not marked up.
    South Crosland See Netherton, (Hall Dyke) Sovereign B&W image (23x23 cm) dated 13.06.1968. Meridian 45 68 060. 2 copies
    See also Shepley.
    Upper Holme 1 B&W image (23x23 cm) dated 19.11.1971. Meridian 179 71 015
    Booth Banks. (?)
    Wholestone Moor 2 photocopies (undated) of A4 images. One possibly an enlargement.
    Also 1 B&W image (23x23 cm) dated 19.11.1971. Meridian 179 71 067
    See also Moorside Edge.
    Worlow See Pule Hill plastic pocket.
    SE 086125 A faint field mark in field 6649 to the south west of Holt Head Road in the Black Moor area (copy map). 3 photocopies of images dated 13.11.85. WY 155/2 & 3 and WY160/11. NIL on HE.
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  • HDAS/3/4

    Bonwell Spence Archive "Part 4 Collection of 35mm slides" Item

    Birks Wood 8 slides in one box
    plus 9 others:- Moorside Edge (4), Pule roadway, Quern, Thieves Clough
    Ditch, and Upper Holme (2)

    Myers Wood 40 unlabelled slides of the dig in Box 1
    16 unlabelled slides of the dig in Box 2
    30 unlabelled slides of the finds in Box 3

    Box 4 & B,C & D
    South Crosland A large collection of undated 35 mm colour slides grouped in 5 boxes:-
    29 slides of house, cobbles, trench 1 (wall), trenches 3 & 4.
    18 slides of trenches 5 & 6.
    21 slides of trench 7
    29 slides of trenches 8 & 9, then wood, stone, tank and house.
    24 slides of a variety of subjects including the house and trenches.

    Standedge Road 7 slides (2 dated 2000 of the route over Standedge
    Castleshaw (lower), Castleshaw (upper), Millstone Edge, Thieves Clough,
    Pule Hill and Gilberts from the foot of Pule (x2).

    Box 8
    Storthes Hall
    Saville Wood
    21 unlabelled slides dated July 1998.

    Upper Holme 3 undated slides – two of the kerb stones and one of the central spine. n/a
    Waller Clough 6 undated but labelled slides.

    Worlow 11 undated but labelled slides. Images by kite camera (4)
    Plus 11 images of the golf course from Worlow.

    Assorted subjects
    22 slides labelled and some with dates.
    Birkby Storthes farm (2) & Rose Hill field system (?) and unlabelled (1)
    Clough House Bridge, Barrett Clough – a perforated stone disc (2).
    Grimscar Foot – may be 1989 (3).
    Marsden may be 1988 – a carved head at Forest (4) and a carved head at
    Haigh House (2)
    Upper Holme – gatepost (2), Roman numeral (2) and a stone trough (3).
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  • HDAS/3/5

    Bonwell Spence Archive "Part 5 Articles & Technical Studies" Item

    Folder 1.
    Interim Report on the Archaeological Implications of Development - 21 page interim report by the Recreation and Arts Department of the West Yorkshire Metropolitan County Council. Sections according to pre-historic and historic eras.
    Domestic Window Glass: Roman, Saxon and Medieval by Harden, D.B. - a 45 page copy extract from an unnamed & undated original publication.
    The Handwriting of English Documents by Hector, L.C. 2 pages undated.
    Heritage Lincolnshire. The first annual report of the Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire 1990-1991. 41 pages.
    Petillius Cerialis and the Conquest of Brigantia by Birley, A.R. reprinted from Britannia Vol. IV. 1973. 12 pages
    Scientific Dating Techniques by Clark, T. An undated 8 page report to the Institute of Field Archaeologists. Technical Paper No. 5.
    TAG 91. Programme and abstracts from the 13th Annual Meeting of the Theoretical Archaeology Group. December 1991.
    Some Yorkshire Acts of Parliament. An 8 page list by Dobson, B.

    Folder 2.
    Various documents and brochures from Geoscan, mostly dated 1980s.
    13 page geophysics report on Marsden golf course by Yarwood, R.E.
    1987 from West Yorkshire Archaeology Service.
    Raw Geoscan data from Grimscar Dyke.
    2 copies of unidentified charted data by Yarwood, R.E. 1987.

    Folder 3.
    Law & Order 1650 to 1850. Archive Teaching Unit No. 3 1972. Photocopies of course notes to provide examples of the breaking and enforcing of the law in the West Riding. These are supported by 24 copies
    of original documents such as:- 2. Information about John Nevison, highwayman. 1676; 8. List of propositions to promote good order. 1786; 24. Establishment of the West Riding Police Force. 1856

    Folder 4.
    West Riding Roads 1750 to 1870. Archive Teaching Unit No. 2 1972. Photocopies of course notes to illustrate aspects of the development of roads in the 18th and 19th centuries rather than to provide a history of West
    Riding roads. These are supported by 24 copies of original documents such as:- 2. York-BoroughbridgeRoad Act 1749; 5. Extract from The Life of John Metcalf 1795; 19. Table of Tolls Rotherham and Swinton Turnpike. 1808

    Quern Project
    Large body of records, reports & correspondence mostly from 1980s.
    Quern Publications
    The Distribution and Lithology of Beehive Querns in Northeast Yorkshire By Hayes, R.H., Hemingway, J.E. and Spratt, D.A. reprint from the Journal of Archaeological Science 1980, 7, 297-324
    Petrology, Dating and Distribution of Querns and Millstones. The Results of Research in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Middlesex by King, D. 60 page reprint from Bulletin of the Institute of Archaeology, 1986.
    The Study of Beehive Querns by Heslop, D.H. and also Beehive Quern Manufacture in the South-east Pennines by Wright, M.E. Both reprints from the Scottish Archaeological Review 1988, Vol. 5
    Two copies of a two page Quern Bibliography 1891 to 1988. The Lithology, Origin and Dispersal of some Quernstones from Yorkshire by Briggs, S. Copies of a 22 page extract from BAR 193 dated 1988.
    Yorkshire Quern Project Interim Progress Report by Spratt, D 1988, 3 p.
    Undated nine page commentary on the Yorkshire Quern Survey with explanatory notes by Heslop, D. H. - Lists local Co-ordinators.

    Querns work in hand
    A folder containing an assortment of quern recording sheets including 8 from Slack and 2 each from Rockwood House in Denby Dale and Scarwood House in Milnsbridge. Plus 19 others with dates around 1987-9. Other copy notes and images plus three colour images of a decorated quern from Shibden Hall near Halifax.

    Box 9
    Quern Project Correspondence and notes mostly dating to the late 1980s.
    Report forms One folder with a good supply of blank quern report forms.
    Querns at Dalton Parlours. These records are held in a ring binder file which holds 65 recording sheets, the majority of which are signed off by Lunn, N. and Spence, B. 3 are signed by Spratt, D and the dates run from 30.11.87 to 19.01.88. There are four pages of handwritten copy correspondence from Spratt, D. Plus 23 pages about the Dalton Parlours Quern Catalogue (7 pages) with no author or date and a further 16 undated pages titled Dalton Parlours Quernstones by Buckley, D.G. and Major, H. All the typed pages are marked “CONFIDENTIAL – not for publication”
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  • HDAS/3/6

    Bonwell Spence Archive "Part 6 Miscellaneous papers" Item

    Files including HDAS (Research Projects) From WYAS, Iron Smelting, Kirklees Advisory Panel for Archaeology Committee Reports, Kirklees Nunnery, Morehouse H J, M62, Newspaper cuttings etc.,Quarrying, Woods Groups,Wood Hall-Moated Manor Womersley, Huddersfield and District Archaeological SocietyWYAS Day School 2001, Archive Latin, and notes form W H Sikes collection.

    Research project
    Suggestions from WYAS for future projects 1995 and 1998/9
    Iron smelting Folder contains notes on Rosedale West medieval ironworkings; Bloom reefing and smithing. Also correspondence and press cuttings.
    KAPA Reports of the Archaeological Committee for Kirklees from meeting No. 1 on 21st January 1976.

    Kirklees Nunnery. A one page undated leaflet that carries a plan based on the published drawing of excavations by Sir George J. Armitage in 1904-05.
    Morehouse, H.J. Photocopied extracts from The History and Topography of the Parish of Kirkburton. Sections on Thurstonland, Storthes Hall,Shelley & Shepley.
    M62 motorway Press cuttings of concerns about plans to widen the carriageways. 1993
    Press cuttings and assorted papers concerning, Lindley Moor development; the Black Death in Huddersfield; Bentley Grange; Cruck buildings; Hebrew stones; Queen Street Mission; Almondbury; Lindley; Field wall dating; Mirfield; Thorpe barn; Huddersfield in the 1920s; Ancient Monument reports; extracts from Crump on Monastic links; Blackpool Elk booklet.
    Quarrying A seven page note on ancient quarrying and stone working.
    Woods Correspondence with the Trustees of Margaret Wood, Upper Denby with photographs; Specification for an archaeological survey at Penny Spring Wood, Mellor Wood and Benholmley Wood. Notes on White Rose Forest in connection with Fell Greave/ Bradley Gate.
    Wood Hall Information about a moated manor at Womersley.

    HDAS work 2001
    Notes colour film strips of a talk given by Spence, B. at a day school organised by WYAS on Archaeology in West Yorkshire 09.06.2001. There is a programme with abstracts of the talks.
    Quitclaim Latin text about land in Thurstonland and Shepley owned by a John Smyth that may be dated 1445. Translation and comments by Toomey, J.P.
    Notes An assortment of information about the W. H. Sikes collection and other detail of Roman roads in the vicinity taken from the West Yorkshire Archaeological Survey to AD 1500.
    Some previously unrecorded Almondbury Field and Place names. 1965 by Ward, D.M. from the Taylor Dyson Library Research Paper 6.
    SD 93 SW Widdop and Gorple resrvoirs 1:10560 undated. With find sites maked on drawn overlays by Howcroft, B. 1975 - 1982
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  • HDAS/3/7

    Bonwell Spence Archive "Part 7 Maps and copy maps" Item

    27 loose maps and 2 rolls of maps.

    OS originals
    SE 00 SE Tintwistle 1:10560 1954
    SE 00 NE Wessenden Head Moor 1:10560 1956
    SE 00 NW Saddleworth 1:10560 1956 x 2 copies
    SE 01 SE Meltham to Slaithwaite 1:10560 1956
    SE 01 SW Colne Valley 1:10560 1956 x 2 copies
    SE 01 NE Wholestone Moor 1:10560 1956 x 2 copies
    SE 02 SE Greetland to Sowerby Bridge 1:10560 1967 x 2 copies
    SE 11 SE Myers Wood 1:10560 1956
    SE 11 SE Myers Wood 1:10000 1979
    SE 11 SW Honley 1:10560 1956
    SE 11 SW Honley 1:10000 1969 x 2 copies
    SE 11 NE Almondbury to Kirkheaton 1:10560 1956
    SE 11 NE Almondbury to Kirkheaton 1:10000 1976
    SE 11 NW Huddersfield 1:10560 1956
    SE 11 NW Huddersfield 1:10000 1978 x 2 copies
    SE 12 SE Bradley Wood to Hartshead 1:10560 1956
    SE 12 SW Elland to Southowram 1:10000 1978
    SE 12 SW Elland to Southowram 1:10000 1982
    SE 12 NW Northowram to Norwood Green 1:10000 1973
    SE 12 NW Northowram to Norwood Green 1:10000 1986
    SE 21 NW Grange Moor to Mirfield 1:10000 1983
    CCLX 15 Hagg Wood 1:2500 1932 (in roll form) Also HQ
    Boxes 1 & 3
    OS copies large
    (in roll form)
    SE 01 SE Meltham to Slaithwaite enlargement
    SE 01 SE Partial copy of Merry Dale and Deer hill
    SE 10 NE Jackson Bridge to Shepley 1:2500 1982
    SE 1011 & SE 1111 Meltham Mills to Honley Old Wood 1:2500 1965
    SE 11 NE Almondbury to Kirkheaton 1:10000 1989
    SE 11 SE Storthes Hall 1:10000 1992
    SE 1210 & SE1310 Wood Nook to Oldfield/Honley 1:2500 1965
    SE 1211 & SE 1212 Honley 1:2500 1966
    SE 1212 & SE 1312 Honley Old Wood and cairns 1:2500 1963

    Box 3
    Un-identified enlargement. South Crosland to Honley Old Wood
    SE 20 NW Upper Denby & Denby Dale 1:10000 1985
    SE 21 SE Clayton West to Bretton Park 1:10000 1989
    SE 21 SW Skelmanthorpe to Emley 1:10000 undated
    Un-identified enlargement of Water Works plan, labelled Meg Dyke

    Map fragments (sleeves&folders)
    SE 00 NE Meltham area 1:10560 1956
    SE 00 NW Saddleworth area 1:10560 1956
    SE 01 SE Slaithwaite area 1:10560 1956
    SE 01 SE Slaithwaite area with an early 1907 map
    SE 01 SW Cupwith area and Castleshaw copy dated 1854
    SE 01 NE Early maps marked up with Roman road lines x 2 sleeves.
    SE 10 NE Shepley area and Broadstone Reservoir. Undated.
    SE 11 SW Honley area 1:10560 1956
    SE 11 SE Kirkburton and Newmill. Undated.
    SE 11 NE Huddersfield to Kirkheaton 1:10000 1976

    Quarmby area with Peat Ponds Farm marked. 1:10560 undated.
    Kirkburton area copy from 1850. No scale but same part as SE 11 SE
    Copy map of Wapentake of Agbrigg by Ellis, A.S. 1882
    Meg Dyke and Withens End. Large scale and undated.
    Merry Dale Clough and Clough House Bridge. Large scale 1968
    As above with trench locations marked.
    Marsden copy from 6” O/S sheet 259 of 1854
    Slack and Cambodunum from 1898 reprint with outline of EH monument.
    Castleshaw Roman camp and Standedge. Un dated.
    KPQ 912 and CCLIX of 1892 and field names from the 1850 tithe awards
    Huddersfield, Halifax & Rochdale on 1795 map by Aitken. No scale.
    Myers Wood on the 25” first edition map of 1893 261.5.
    Storthes Hall copy from 25” 1894 map.
    With Thunder Bridge on SE 11 SE 6” of 1968.
    Also Storthes Hall, Myers Wood and Saville Wood at 1:2000 dated 2001
    Boxes 2,
    & 4, B,
    C & D
    Assorted map pieces mostly showing road lines ancient and modern.
    Local Plan Map of the Huddersfield Local Plan Proposals by Kirklees Metropolitan
    Council 4839/13 dated 1983
    Geological Maps Covering from Glossop north to Meltham, east to Skelmanthorpe and
    south to Penistone. Glossop Sheet 86 1:50000 1978.
    Three B&W copies from the earlier 1946 print from the 1930 revision of
    the 1850-51 survey covering Thunder Bridge, Lepton & Highburton.
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