Material relating to British Archaeological Report 620: "The Romans in Huddersfield: a new assessment" by Barry Hobson, Granville Clay and Gerrie Brown published 2015 HDAS/2/10

Dated 2011-2013

Extent: 1 box file

Hard copies
Main report with radio-carbon appendix, bibliography, and acknowledgements
Glass appendix by Hilary Cool
Original pottery report on Slack 2007-08 David Griffiths June 2011
Original pottery report on Hartley material David Griffiths July 2011
Selected exchanges with Griffiths January 2013 onwards
Pottery report by David Griffiths. Full text of the consolidated pottery report as submitted to Archaeopress on 27th April 2015. Part A contains pages 1 to 16 with the commentary on the 2007-08 finds followed by the 1968-69 finds then the conclusions, catalogue, description of fabrics and the bibliography. Part B is pages 17 to 47 which contains a description of finds from 2007-08 by trench followed by six pages of scale drawings. Then a description of selected items from the 1968-69 finds supported by another six pages of drawings.
Correspondence with Kay Hartley in 2015 concerning the promised appendix on selected mortaria from 2007-08 and 1968-69
Mortaria report by Kay Hartley
Return of 1968-69 mortaria to Paul Bidwell in South Shields to complete the Brian Hartley archive that was transferred to him in 2013.
Brian Hartley appendix by Gerrie Brown. This summarises unpublished notes and drawings of rescue archaeology in 1968-69 at Slack in advance of the construction of the M62 motorway.

Publicity materials:
Folder containing pre-publication notices about BAR 620 which is titled The Romans in Huddersfield - A New Assessment (2015)
One paragraph in Britannia vol. 43 November 2012.
Three pages in the CBA Forum vol. 1 2012 published early 2013.

Archaeopress (published of BAR620)
Correspondence and two CDs containing the final submission of the text and images for the main body of the HDAS report on Slack together with Appendices on Glass, the Brian Hartley archive, the carbon dating report, bibliography and acknowledgements.
Exchanges on proofing and prices.
Publicity for BAR620

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