Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society files
Files containing research reports, notes and other material accumulated by the Society.
Many of the items in the boxes have also been digitised and are available as digital copies.

Descriptions prepared by Gerrie Brown, Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society, 2016.
  • HDAS/2/1

    Work by Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society at local sites excluding Slack - box 1 Item

    Research and other materials relating to sites in the Huddersfield area excavated or researched by the Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society. See also HDAS/2/2 for other local sites, and HDAS/2/6-12 for Slack Roman fort.

    Birks Wood- computer drawn plan of trenches and report by Cumberpatch about pottery
    Blackmoorfoot Iron Age enclosure
    Blackmoorfoot Folder of correspondence on possible bronze Age feature 2002-04

    Blackstone Edge The Roman Road over Blackstone Edge 1894 by H C March

    Butterworth Hill Farm Un-productive investigations in 2014 (Roman finds reported)

    Cambodunum Slack, Greetland & Cambodunum extract from YAJ vol 23 1915
    By F Haverfield
    Cambodunum By Bonwell Spence. the Journal of the Huddersfield and District Archaeological Society. Published by Brigantian, 1986

    Carr Dike Phase 1&2 notes on two CDs prepared by John Cross plus sketch map. report on phase 3 by john cross and images of possible footpath.

    Castleshaw Castleshaw roads and Romans by Ken Booth and details about a conference, Redefining Roman Castleshaw.
    Corn hill report of excavacations

    Darkwood Notes on engraved stones 1999 & BB1 finds of 2002
    Photocopy of Roman Pottery Industries of S. Yorks Britannia XI 1980

    Field Walls Notes on dating

    Fixby Folder on Lindley Moor roman road and development debate 2009-11
    Includes note and images on LIDAR studies of the area

    Fixby 7 page report on a trial excavation by N. Lunn in 2001

    Greetland research Bulletin No. 4 1959

    Grimescar Folder of notes and reports from 1591 to 2015

    Hagg Wood, Honley West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service Historic Environment Record. Full Report. 4 pages. computer drawn plans and report by Norman Lunn, historic england report .

    Halifax Association paper reprints.
    The Roman Altar, The Antonine Itinerary, Greetland Outpost,
    Roman sites, Garrison Organisation and other finds possible.

    Harden Hill Ancient Race Course 2007

    Honley Possible ancient well at Thirstin Mill 2010

    Jackson Bridge Tumulus 2010

    Launds Record of misplaced finds at Rochdale Road, Golcar 2007

    Lee Hill Print of internet page Partscape - Detailed Result Nonument no. 47464. 2 pages 01/07/2017
    The Earthwork at Lee Hill, Huddersfield. An Iron Age Hilll Farm. by J P Toomey. 3 pages

    Long Causeway Plan of possible Roman Road from Baitings Bridge & Piper Junction

    Longley Survey of the shallow shafts adjacent to Wood Lane by E A Vickerman

    Cairn Site Hagg Wood SE 149 105 x1 page comment on flints
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  • HDAS/2/2

    Work by Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society at local sites excluding Slack - box 2 Item

    Research and other materials relating to sites in the Huddersfield area excavated or researched by the Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society. See also HDAS/2/1 for other local sites, and HDAS/2/6-12 for Slack Roman fort.

    Marsden Earthwork feature on Marsden golf course 2014 HER number 4774

    Marsden Excavation on the Marsden Moor estate 1999 by Bon Spence

    Marsden Report on excavations at Pule Bents 1999-2000 by Bon Spence

    Marsden Grant award from the Cuckoo's Nest 2010

    Meltham Geophysical survey of Royd Edge & Oldfield Hill earthworks 2000

    Meltham Slate Pits Wood 30 page printed report of survey and excavation
    1963-71 by Norman Lunn

    Moorside Edge Excavation report at SE 0762 1542 1991 by Bon Spence
    Pollen extraction and analysis by Nuala Moran

    Oldfield Hill Extract from un-named source on Oldfield Hill and Royd Edge

    Oldgate Clough An archaeological evaluation in 2002
    Oldgate Clough An archaeological evaluation in 2002
    Oldgate Clough The Marsden - Rochdalepack horse track

    Pule Hill Hard copies of LiDAR and Google Earth images of Manor House Farm
    Excavations of Roman road and deep ditches. 2015 Images and reports from 2016-7.
    Royd Edge and Oldfield Hill Earthworks Geophysical investigation using a magnetometer survey to explore archaelogical features of a Millstone grit geology.

    Saville Wood Abstract from draft report 1998
    Saville Wood Catalogued excavation report 1998 by Norman Lunn

    Scammonden Rye Field Lane

    School Woof, Farnley Tyas search for roman road, site plan and trench details.

    Slaithwaite Letters concerning a possible Roman well 2010
    Slaithwaite Cop Hill and Slaithwaite Hall. NMR and aerial images 2004
    Slate Pits Wood survey and site plans

    Storthes Hall Correspondence re possible plague burials near Myers Wood

    Upper Dearne Woods Letter and extracts and maps re Cumberworth 2014

    Upper Heaton The Medieval Pottery Kilns at Upper Heaton by T G Manby

    Waller Clough Excavation report at SE 0767 1578 1997 by Bon Spence

    White Hassock Moor Letters concerning possible excavation 1999

    1965 Medieval pottery kilns at Upper Heaton, West Yorkshire by T. G. Manby
    45 pages including drawings, plates and site plans
    The Archaeological Journal Vol. CXXI - Royal Archaeological Institute

    1974 A Neolithic occupation site at Castle Hill, Denby, near Huddersfield by J. A. Gilks
    Occasional Paper No. 1 by West Yorkshire Archaeological Research Committee
    7 pages plus drawings and site plan

    Short Grain House SE 01771173 May 2000 x3 page report

    Rock Carving, Slaithwaite. Possible 'Horse Head' rock carving off Varley Road. 3 pages and 1 photograph
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  • HDAS/2/3

    Notes by Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society on pre-history Item

    Research notes on the following sites and/or aspects of pre-history

    2002 Archaeology Field Course in Upper Wharfedale. DGB certificate course 9 pages & pdf
    Final official report on the North Flats Project (undated) 9 pages & pdf

    2002 Activity in the central south Pennines by Shepherd, D. 13 pages & pdf

    2002 Ridge Rough Widdop by Shepherd, D. and Howcroft, B. 21 pages
    (Provisional survey with draft maps)

    2002 The potential on Heptonstall and Wadsworth Moors by Howcroft, B. 7 pages

    2002-3 Prehistoric Widdop by Shepherd, D and Howcroft, B. 38 pages.

    2003 e-mail exchanges re Widdop by WYASAS and Howcroft, B. 4 pages

    2003 Meg Dyke and Rye Field Lane in Scammonden 10 pages

    2005 The Calderdale 'paddle' from Gorple lower reservoir 7 pages

    2006 Standing stones in the south Pennines from the Megalithic Portal 21 pages

    2010 In search of Iron Age Outlane by Brown, D. G. 1 page & pdf

    2015 Summary of John Bowen's personal archive 1 page

    Honley Old Woods New investigations (2016) of a D shaped enclosure,
    And possible cairn field. Possibly Iron Age/Pre Roman
    Currently incomplete. report and project plan.
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  • HDAS/2/4

    Work by Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society on Myers Wood: excavation reports and background research Item

    Assorted notes, maps and background research on the site and Medieval iron working

    Box 1 of 4 (2000-2002):
    Preliminary report
    Project proposals
    Report on Geophysical Study x3 copies September 2001
    Local Heritage Funding 2002
    Excavation details September 2002
    Medieval Pottery report September 2002
    Post excavation analysis
    Assorted photographs and leaflets (undated)

    Box 2 of 4 (2003-2005):
    Progress report February 2003 with site plan
    Medieval Pottery report I (May 2003) and report II (October 2003)
    Report on slag analysis compared with 14th century Rievaulx Abbey residues
    Interim Archaeological Report x2 copies October 2003
    Radiocarbon dating report January 2004
    Pre-publication notes on project
    British Archaeology Awards - submission and results
    Assorted press cuttings
    Copy of The Iron Makers of Myers Wood ISBN 0-905747-01-1 March 2004
    The Water Powered Site May 2005
    Site visit details 2005
    Provisional report
    Publicity in Calderdale Life summer 2005

    Box 3 of 4 (2000-2002):
    Assorted background papers
    The geology of Myers Wood
    Fluxgate Gradiometer Survey (undated)
    Photocopies of early maps of Myers Wood
    Primitive Iron Industry in Upper Calderdale 1918
    Rosedale West Medieval Iron Working 1974-77
    Papers on Medieval Bloomeries in North West Wales 1995
    Understanding the British Iron Age 2002
    The Anatomy of a Furnace 2005

    Box 4 of 4 (2002-2003)
    Archaeomagnetic Dating of the Iron Working Site at Myers Wood, Huddersfield. By A. J. Powell, Department of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford, Bradford BD7 1DP
    A full copy of this report has been scanned and deposited with West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service in 2016.
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  • HDAS/2/5

    Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society Bulletins and Newsletters Item

    Folder 1 Original typed Bulletins with numbers 1, 2, 5 and 6 missing
    Index of Authors and Contents
    Also a DVD/RW containing 40 images of diagrams from the Bulletins

    Folder 2 Bulletin Transcripts No. 1 April 1958 to No. 21 Autumn 1967
    With index of topics and authors

    Folder 3 New series of Newsletters No. 1 Summer 2000 to No. 28 Spring 2015
    (Likely to be the last of the printed series)
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  • HDAS/2/6

    Slack's Lost Roman Altar Item

    20th century
    Folder 1 Research notes, correspondence and HDAS Newsletter articles

    Folder 2 Research notes on the Rev John Whitaker
    a) Chetham's Library Manchester
    b) Corpus Christi College archive Oxford.

    Ordnance Survey Truro & Falmouth 1:50,000 re-issue of the 1813 old series map.
    Rev. J Whitaker retired to and died at Ruan Lanhihorne. 42.89
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  • HDAS/2/7

    Notes by Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society on "Historic Slack" Item

    1771 Extract History of Manchester by Whitaker, J. p 87-91 6 pages + pdf
    1773 Extract History of Manchester by Whitaker, J. p 128-135 8 pages + pdf
    1775 Extract History of Halifaxby Watson, J. 2 pages
    1834 Extract Concise History of Halifax by Crabtree, J. 11 pages + pdf
    1865 On the Roman Hypocaust by Walker, J.K. p 29-35 10 pages + pdf
    1865 Article in London Times 15th November 1 page + pdf
    1866 Archaeological & Topographical Assc. Slack reports
    Plus assorted photocopies of the Association records 23 pages + pdf
    19 pages
    1865-66 YAJ vol.1 Roman Station at Slack Barber, F. 16 pages + pdf
    1866 A Sepulchre of Tiles by Barber, F. (pages 15 - 17 above)
    1883 Brief details in Huddersfieldby Hobkirk & Curzon 3 pages + pdf
    1913-15 YAJ vol.26 Excavations Dodd, P.W. & Woodward, A.M. 63 page pdf
    YAJ vol.26 The finds from the excavations 61 page pdf
    Summary of images in Kirklees archive plus site plan 9 pages + pdf
    1958-61 YAJ vol.42 by Hunter, J.K.T., Manby, T.G. & Spaul, J.E.H. 30 pages + pdf
    1968 Journal of Roman Studies p207 note by Hartley, B.R. 1 page + pdf
    1970 YAJ vol. 42 page 391 burial note by Gilks, J.A. 1 page + pdf
    1970 YAJ vol. 42 page 391 vicus hut note by Hartley, B.R. 1 page + pdf
    1970 Britannia vol.1 p 281 notes by Hartley, B.R. & Gilks, J.A. 1 page + pdf
    1971 Britannia vol.2 p 254 note on Slack by Wilson, D.R. 1 page + pdf
    1971 YAJ vol. 43 page 194 burial note by Gilks, J.A. 1 page + pdf
    1988 Extract from The Brigantes by Hartley, G & Fitts, L. 5 pages + pdf
    1990 WYAS report No.122 trial excavation near golf club 6 pages + pdf
    1994 WYAS watching brief No. 158 stable block foundation 3 pages + pdf
    1995 WYAS watching brief (extract) in advance of water pipe 3 pages + pdf
    1995 Forum p 20 Note in advance of WYAS report No. 478 1 page + pdf
    1997 WYAS report R478 on a Yorkshire Water pipe trench 49 pages + pdf
    1997 Britanniavol.28 p 419 note on WYAS report R478 1 page + pdf
    2007 English Heritage Pastscape NMR 47487 Bath House 2 pages + pdf
    2007 2007
    English Heritage Pastscape NMR 47459 Camulodunum Excavation history
    Map of Slack scheduled monument and E.H. archive 2 pages + pdf
    7 pages
    2 pages
    2008 National Monuments Record 47459 4 pages + pdf
    2008 Slack Bath House NMR 47487 2 pages + pdf
    2008 Slack Burials NMR 47492 2 pages + pdf
    2009 Roman Army in N England Bidwell & Hodgson extract 3 pages + pdf
    2010 English Heritage Pastscape with updates (DGB) 3 page pdf
    Summary of burials at Slack 1775 onwards (DGB) 3 page pdf
    2011 Copies of historic images in the Kirklees archive 16 p Spreadsheet 6
    2011 Summary of roman tile stamps found at Slack (DGB) 2 page + pdf
    2012 Summary of coin finds from Slack & surrounds. DGB Spreadsheet 7
    2014 Update of English Heritage archive for 1968-1994 1 page + pdf
    2015 Hypocausts at Slack. Historic review (DGB) 1 folder
    2015 Time line summary of Slack - updated (DGB) 7 pages + pdf
    2015 Publication of BAR 620 The Romans in Huddersfield - A New Assessment
    2016 Enlargement and re-definition of Slack Roman fort and vicus
    Historic England Scheduled Monument ref. No. 142745 14 pages +pdf

    Excavations at Slack 1913 An eight page booklet with images and a site plan of the
    1913 work on the Roman fort by the Roman Antiquities
    Committee of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society.
    Hard copy and complete PDF
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  • HDAS/2/8

    Material used in book "The Romans came this way: The discovery and excavation of the route over the Pennines" (published 2008) Item

    1969 Excavations at Hartshead Moor Top by Donald Haigh. YAS ms 1085. (2 versions)

    1974 Copy notes from Yorkshire Archaeological Journal vol 46 (1974) page 146.

    1973-86 Undated summary of conclusions about the route of the Roman road from Castleshaw to Slack following excavations at Moorside Edge. (4 pages)

    1984-86 Notes on the excavations at Worlow on the south side of Pule Hill. (4 pages)

    1988 computer drawn plan

    1991 Geophysics report on a road site at Upper Holme. 6 pages by Arnold Aspinall of Bradford University Department of Archaeological Sciences.

    2000 Excavations at Pule Bents by Bonwell Spence (3 pages plus section drawing) and aone page appendix by Granville Clay.

    2001 Report of above in Bulletin No. 18 of the Roman Antiquities Section of the YAS p16.

    2001 Note by Norman Lunn on 'round hills'. (1 page)

    2001 One page note on underwater investigations of Wessenden Brook in Marsden centre searching for possible evidence of a Roman river crossing. Also letter from Darren Bailey.

    2001 Notes by Norman Lunn on a trial excavation of 'Morgan Clump' at Fixby. No evidence for a signal station or Roman road at this part of the estate. (7 pages)

    2002 Notes by Darren Bailey on the archaeological evaluation of Oldgate Clough.(5 pages x two copies)

    2008 The final published version of the book complete with bonus CD of images & maps

    2012 Assorted notes by Gerrie Brown and Granville Clay on extracts from the archives of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society - ms 370, ms 673-4 and ms 1085. (22 pages)

    Undated Six folders of assorted maps and aerial photographs along the road route.
    One folder of copies of ancient maps of the road terrain.
    Eight prints of photographs of the stone pillar at Manor House Slaithwaite.
    Assorted press cuttings including Hartley's excavations at Slack
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  • HDAS/2/9

    Excavations by Huddesfield & District Archaeological Society at Slack Roman fort Item


    1991-1992 results from geophysics between roman fort and m62.
    1992 Report of HDAS excavations in the annexe by Spence, B.

    2006 Report No. GP-06-2 of a geophysics survey at Slack Roman fort by Vernon, R.W. and
    Schmidt, A. of |Bradford University. 46 pages.

    2006 Proposal for new excavations in the Annexe based on the geophysics by Clay, G. and Hobson, B.

    2007 Notes and results of radiocarbon dating of the wooden floor from part of the fresh water conduit discovered in the 2007 season.

    2007 Press cutting about the conduit. Huddersfield Examiner 2nd. August.

    2007 A review of Roman water supplies by Cockman, D.

    2010 Folder containing more geophysics notes and diagrams.

    2010 Team notes issued prior to excavation in September.

    2010 Folder of notes about the 'supposed Roman Circus' at Slack and details of other similar features in other parts of Britain.

    2013 More notes on water supplies to Roman forts in other parts of Britain.

    For more information on the excavations of 2007-08 and 2010 see HDAS/2/10-12.
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  • HDAS/2/10

    Material relating to British Archaeological Report 620: "The Romans in Huddersfield: a new assessment" by Barry Hobson, Granville Clay and Gerrie Brown published 2015 Item

    Hard copies
    Main report with radio-carbon appendix, bibliography, and acknowledgements
    Glass appendix by Hilary Cool
    Original pottery report on Slack 2007-08 David Griffiths June 2011
    Original pottery report on Hartley material David Griffiths July 2011
    Selected exchanges with Griffiths January 2013 onwards
    Pottery report by David Griffiths. Full text of the consolidated pottery report as submitted to Archaeopress on 27th April 2015. Part A contains pages 1 to 16 with the commentary on the 2007-08 finds followed by the 1968-69 finds then the conclusions, catalogue, description of fabrics and the bibliography. Part B is pages 17 to 47 which contains a description of finds from 2007-08 by trench followed by six pages of scale drawings. Then a description of selected items from the 1968-69 finds supported by another six pages of drawings.
    Correspondence with Kay Hartley in 2015 concerning the promised appendix on selected mortaria from 2007-08 and 1968-69
    Mortaria report by Kay Hartley
    Return of 1968-69 mortaria to Paul Bidwell in South Shields to complete the Brian Hartley archive that was transferred to him in 2013.
    Brian Hartley appendix by Gerrie Brown. This summarises unpublished notes and drawings of rescue archaeology in 1968-69 at Slack in advance of the construction of the M62 motorway.

    Publicity materials:
    Folder containing pre-publication notices about BAR 620 which is titled The Romans in Huddersfield - A New Assessment (2015)
    One paragraph in Britannia vol. 43 November 2012.
    Three pages in the CBA Forum vol. 1 2012 published early 2013.

    Archaeopress (published of BAR620)
    Correspondence and two CDs containing the final submission of the text and images for the main body of the HDAS report on Slack together with Appendices on Glass, the Brian Hartley archive, the carbon dating report, bibliography and acknowledgements.
    Exchanges on proofing and prices.
    Publicity for BAR620

    In September 2015 responsibility for all BAR publications passed from Archaeopress to Hadrian Books - see
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