Huddersfield and District Archaeological Society Archive
Records of the running of the Society and of its activities (chiefly excavation, but also dissemination).

Includes extensive material relating to the Society's work at the Roman site at Slack.

The Society's extensive collection of artefacts, including much Roman pottery and glass that has been studied by professional archaeologists and featured in various reports, is NOT included in this archive, but is currently dispersed among Society members. Please contact the Society for further information.
  • HDAS/1

    Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society Digital files Series

    20th-21st century
    Digital files collated by Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society. In some cases these are digital copies of analogue material in HDAS/2/1-19.

    Contents include:
    Local sites
    Other UK sites
    Records & Library
    Journals & Pastscape
    Prehistory notes
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  • HDAS/2

    Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society files Series

    Files containing research reports, notes and other material accumulated by the Society.
    Many of the items in the boxes have also been digitised and are available as digital copies.

    Descriptions prepared by Gerrie Brown, Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society, 2016.
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  • HDAS/3

    Bonwell Spence archive Series

    Comprises the archaeological work of Bonwell (Bon) Spence, founder member of the Huddersfield and District Archaeological Society:
    Part 1. Sites local to Huddersfield.
    Part 2. More extensive site reports.
    Part 3. Collection of Aerial Photographs.
    Part 4. Collection of 35mm slides.
    Part 5. Articles & Technical Studies.
    Part 6. Miscellaneous papers.
    Part 7. Maps and copy maps
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  • HDAS/4

    Images and videos compiled by David Cockman Series

    Digital images (both original/born digital, and digital copies of analogue photographs) and video of the Society's activities, including excavations, research, publications and excursions.
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