Records relating to marketing planning and review, ticket sales, audience research. Marketing materials including posters and a banner and audio-visual material. Papers relating to festival branding. Papers relating to the Friends of HCMF group.
  • HCMF/MK/1

    Marketing reviews Item

    Reviews of marketing activity for 3 festivals
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  • HCMF/MK/2

    Audience research Series

    Records relating to research into audiences and responses to festival performances including audience development reports, ticket sales analysis
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  • HCMF/MK/3

    Marketing material Series

    Posters advertising the festival, a festival banner, audio-visual promotional material and Friends group newsletters. Papers relating to festival branding.
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  • HCMF/MK/4

    HCMF Promotional Audiovisual material Item

    promotional footage created by HCMF

    Script, production notes and copies of rehearsal and main video recording Hi8 and VHS of the festival 1993.
    MakePlay educational project (also labelled concert, St Paul's) VHS recording, 1992
    Judith Weir, The Black Spider, opening reception and interview with administrator Andrea Smart, VHS recording, 1995
    Promotional footage VHS 1996
    'One Small Step' CD 2001
    'Connecting with Jazz' CD 2002
    Promotional video CDROM 2007
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  • HCMF/MK/5

    Friends of HCMF Item

    Leaflets about joining the Friends scheme.
    Friends' newsletters, incomplete series 1991-2015
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