This is an incomplete series of financial records. There are detailed accounting records for 2003-2004 which have been retained as an example of the financial activities of the festival. These are the only detailed records deposited.

Records relating to fundraising; grants from public bodies eg Arts Council England, advertising sales and sponsorship.

Annual accounts prepared for AGMs can be found at HCMF/CP/1/2/4
  • HCMF/FN/1

    Accounts and budgets Series

    records relating to analysing and forecasting budgets, correspondence wih auditors and detailed accounts for 2003-2004.
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  • HCMF/FN/2

    Development Working Group and development officer Item

    Fundraising analysis and planning by Stella Murrell, 2000. Includes acceptance letter of contract and salary details.
    File about the work of the Development Working Group including meeting notes, analyses of audiences, publicity, sponsorship, development of a strategy, 2002.
    Fundraising report 2003 Stella Murrell, development officer
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  • HCMF/FN/3

    Fundraising Series

    records relating to income generation from public bodies, corporate sponsors and advertising sales.
    In a 1998 funding application HCMF stated the festival raises 65% of its annual turnover from sponsorship by local and national businesses, from applications to charitable trusts, project funds from public funding bodies and appeals to foreign cultural delagations plus income earned form ticket and programme sales, broadcasting fees, advertising and merchandising.
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