Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival programmes HCMF/EV

Dated 1978-2021

Extent: 5 boxes

Annual bundles contain published programme booklets and leaflets, and some concert/performance notes and programmes.

For each festival there is a pocket-sized guide and a larger, often A4, programme book. These give all details for venues, dates and times, performances and some performer biographies and notes on music to be played.

Where they survive, the bundles include notes (translations of non-English texts, composition notes, synopses and further details of a concert). These are mainly wordprocessed but include some professionally-produced programmes supplied by the performer.

Boxes 4-5 contain Festival programmes in Braille and large print formats

Box 4
1991 Braille, 1992 Large print, Braille, 1993 B, 1994 LP, B, 1996 LP, B, 1997 LP, B, 1999 LP, B, 2000 LP, B,

Box 5
2001 LP, B, 2002 LP, 2003 LP, 2004, LP, CD with electronic versions of LP and B programmes, audio cassette version of programme, 2005 LP, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (18-22 Nov 2021)

Also contains undated leaflets.


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