Managing and presenting the HCMF
Records relating to governance and to planning, staffing and administration of the festival. They include Board meeting minutes, correspondence of the artistic director, business plans and reports, records of contracts and negotiations with performers and composers, venue capacity and layout details and materials to support selection of performances including biographical and repertoire details for performers and composers.

The records also include Richard Steinitz's analyses (1978-2007) of performances given at the festivals; for example premieres, and organised by composer, some performers and by type eg choirs and vocal groups. There is also a full list of works performed at festivals 1978-2005. HCMF/CP/2/6.
  • HCMF/CP/1

    HCMF governance and management Series

    In October 1983 a new company The Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival Limited was formed. Until then the Festival was managed by a Steering Group. The new company was managed by a Committee of Management. From September 1992 it was referred to as the Board of Management

    These records include minutes and agenda papers for meetings of the management committee/board of HCMF, minutes and Annual Reports and Accounts presented to Annual General Meetings,
    These records include financial reporting and forecasts, planning of festival content, review and press digests of festival performances, staffing details and salaries, business planning, audience development planning, Board development, correspondence of artistic director.
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  • HCMF/CP/2

    Festival Planning and operation Series

    Records relating to planning the festival theme and schedule, selecting and contracting performances, venues' technical details and festival volunteer helpers
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