Guest/Longbottom Family History Archive
The Longbottom Family History Archive was compiled by Ernest Longbottom in the course of his research into his family history.
It comprises:
GUE/1 family trees and associated documentation (eg. distribution of surnames) for the Longbottom family
GUE/2 research notes, correspondence and associated documentation into branches of the family: Ackroyd, Adshead, Ambery Smith, Astley, Bakewell, Beardmore, Berry, Bott, Boyer, Caldwell/Cauldwell, Chadwick, Diggle, Fildes, Gim(p)son, Goodings, Guest, Haigh, Harcourt, Haslam, Jacques, Keeble, Longbottom, Lovelady, Martin, Osborn, Pearson, Potts, Sellers, Slee, Smith, Stolterforth, Tattersall, Whitehead,
GUE/3 family photographs, including portrait photographs of family members as well as photographs of holidays, family homes and other subjects
GUE/4 original correspondence from family members
GUE/5 wills, marriage settlements and assignments
GUE/6 published reference sources
GUE/7 talks and correspondence by EH Longbottom with family history societies
GUE/8 index cards
  • GUE/1

    Longbottom family tree Series

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  • GUE/2

    Family trees connected Series

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  • GUE/3

    Family photographs Series

    19th-20th century
    Family photographs and family history of Guest, Potts and Longbottom families
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  • GUE/4

    Correspondence Series

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  • GUE/5

    Wills, assignments and marriage settlements of family members. (HT1-20) Series

    Original and copies of wills and assignments concerning the estates of John Hodson Kearsley (HT1-11). Marriage settlements and wills of Potts, Ackroyd, Keeble, Fildes and Longbottom family members. (HT12-20) Includes documents concerning the settlement of Thirza Harcourts estate.
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  • GUE/6

    Published reference sources for EH Longbottom's genealogical research. (BK1-24) Series

    1949 - 1991
    Series of published guides on researching family history, local history guides to churches and locations of relevance in the Guest Family Tree and published works about family members including signed copy of Maldwyn Edwards book, " S.E Keeble, Pioneer and Prophet."
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  • GUE/7

    Various correspondence and talks by EH Longbottom Item

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  • GUE/8

    Large collection of index cards Series

    Card Index of family history for Guest, Bakewell & Longbottom families covering 1619-1990
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