Rowe, Geoffrey, Collection
This collection contains a number of architectural drawings by architect Geoffrey Rowe at both University of Huddersfield and Leeds University. Drawings include rendered elevations of buildings he designed; floor plans; painted sketches; perspective renderings; working drawings; site plans and various structural studies diagrams. This collection also includes drawings and designs by A.Forward at Manchester University, origins of these drawings are unknown but have been found grouped together with architectural drawings by Geoffrey Rowe. The third section of this collection is seperated as unknown / untitled; these drawings are unsigned and often with no date. However, many of the drawings may be by Rowe or Foward as some drawings are part of a series or show characteristics of their style.
  • GRA/1

    Drawings Series

    Alternative naming of location of the Huddersfield collection may be under 'Architecture Department, School of Art'
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  • GRA/2

    A. Forward Series

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  • GRA/3

    Untitled Drawings / Unknown Author Series

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  • GRA/4

    Library Series

    Small collection of books and journals on design and architecture collected by Geoffrey Rowe.
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