Goldberg Ensemble Archive
Records relating to the Goldberg Ensemble's annual 'Celebration of New Music for Strings' tours, which ran from 2001 to 2008 and included performances, children's workshops and student composer's workshops. The records include scores of works performed by the Goldberg ensemble during the 'Celebration of New Music for Strings tours, programmes for each of the tours, correspondence concerning the Goldberg Ensemble and the tours and CDs and tapes, some of which contain recordings of performances by the Ensemble.

Between 2001 and 2008 the Ensemble presented eight annual ‘Celebration of New Music for Strings’ tours, presenting public concerts and workshops for schools and university music departments, taking in venues at Birmingham, Bristol, Durham, Huddersfield, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Southampton, Wolverhampton and York.

The principal purpose of the ‘Celebrations’ was to contribute to the maintenance and development of the string ensemble tradition by commissioning new works from British composers and by giving second and subsequent performances to existing British string works of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. 39 works were commissioned or written for the ‘Celebrations'.

23 student composers’ workshops were given for composition students at Birmingham Conservatoire, University of Bristol, University of Huddersfield, Leeds College of Music, University of Manchester, Royal Northern College of Music, University of Wolverhampton and University of York.

The ‘Celebrations’ were given with funding from Regional Arts Lottery Programme, Arts Council England, Trusts and Foundations, host venues and universities with the exception of Royal Northern College of Music. They were given by Goldberg Ensemble as co-promotions with host venues and universities with the exception of the Royal Northern College of Music. At R.N.C.M. the ‘Celebrations’ were promoted solely by Goldberg Ensemble who were obliged to pay the College hire fees for venue and facilities.
  • GOL/1

    Programmes, Press and Correspondence Subfonds

    Programmes for each of the Goldberg Ensemble' eight 'Celebration of New Music for Strings' tours 2001-2008; press clippings from the 2001 Festival; and correspondence, including congratulatory letters sent to the Ensemble between 2001 and 2004 and correspondence related to the scores in the collection 1985-2007.
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  • GOL/2

    Scores Given First Performances as Part of the 'Celebration of New Music for Strings' Subfonds

    These are works that were commissioned by Goldberg Ensemble and/or written for the Goldberg Ensemble and given first performances as part of the 'Celebration of New Music for Strings'. This also includes one work that was given first performance as part of the 'Celebration of New Music for Strings' but was not commissioned by or written for the Goldberg Ensemble.
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  • GOL/3

    Works Written for Student Composers' Workshops Subfonds

    Leeds College of Music:

    David Jenkinson - Music for Strings first performance at the 2008 Leeds concert
    Matthew London - Cetecea
    Stuart Younghusband - Neutral Hatred

    University of Huddersfield:

    Brian Dickson - Well, I’m as Sane as the Next Man
    Stephen Fishwick - Piece for Strings
    Adam Fripp - Othello first performance at the 2008 Huddersfield concert
    Oliver Gibson - L’ambience d’un autre

    Birmingham Conservatoire:

    Jessica Kitt - Betrothed to you first performance at the 2008 Birmingham concert
    Juhana Lehtiniemi - Puerta de Dioses
    Nikolai Westgarth - The Golden Mean Debate
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  • GOL/4

    Other Scores Series

    Scores that were sent to Malcolm Layfield/Goldberg Ensemble but not necessarily used in festivals/workshops.

    Arranged alphabetically by composer, some works have both scores and parts, but not all. In some instances, there are more than one work for some of the composers.
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  • GOL/5

    CD and Tapes Series

    Barja, Angel - Cuartetos
    Bedford, David - Oboe Concerto (x2)
    Bedford, David - Recorder Concerto (x2)
    Cohen, Jaques - Yigdal
    Druce, Duncan - Extracts from Compositions and Arrangements
    Fitkin - 4 works
    Goldberg Ensemble - Crossing Ohashi Bridge
    Greig, Alastair - Five Pieces
    Hancock, Oliver - 3 works
    Harrison, Sadie - An Unexpected Light
    Harrison, Sadie - Taking Flight
    LeFanu, Nicola - Catena for Eleven Solo Strings (x2)
    Lefanu, Nicola - Goldberg Ensemble, Lamcom Layfield with Nicolas Clapton and Fiona Cross
    Long, Andy - Face to Face
    Melvin, Adam - Compositions
    Patterson, Paul - Allusions
    Powers - High Windows
    Stevens, Robin - Reconciliation
    Thomas, Barbara - Green
    Wallin, Rolf - Chester Music

    Bourne, Owen - Academy Chambers
    Leon, Francisco De Paula - Requiem
    Reeman, John - And the Cock Crowed/Lamentation
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