Gas Collection
Items relating to Clapham Brothers Ltd., of Keighley (makers of gasworks, ironfounders and general engineers) - 5 boxes.

Also a collection of 155 books relating to gas and the gas industry accumulated by Mr W. Barwick-Nicholson, employee of Clapham Brothers ltd.
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    Items relating to Clapham Brothers ltd., of Keighley (makers of gasworks, ironfounders and general engineers) Item

    Bundle containing one book entitled Modern Appliances in Gas Manufacture by Fletcher W Stevenson, Published by The Feilden Publishing co. Ltd, London 1901. File entitled Manchester Purification Process correspondence from 9th December 1943
    2 Bundle of correspondence between T A Clapham and clients.
    3 Bundle of Correspondence and blue prints for Liquid Purification Plant dated 1946, correspondence between Clapham Brothers and W.C. Holmes & Co. Ltd, Engineers Huddersfield, and City of Manchester Gas Department and their purification plant.
    4 Book Robt. Dempster 7 Sons Ltd., Engineers and Contractors, Elland, Yorkshire. Illustrated Catalogue Fifth Edition Catalogue issued 1900
    5 Bundle containing two files. File one with sheet entitled 21.Manchester Purification Plant Blueprint 19.10.48, 22. Tender Documents Drawing and Correspondence in Respedt of the Above (21), 23 Tender Documents re Hydraulic Ejectors and info. etc re Sigmund Pumps. File two Manchester Tender Quotes, correspondence and blue prints.
    6 approximately 47 Loose blue prints.
    7 One folder of 11 blue prints
    8 1 bundle of publications. (a) The Institution of chemical Engineers , The Washing of gas (b) The Chalk Lime and Allied Industries Reseach association Information Report no. 17
    9 bundle of Accounts for Clapham Brothers Limited
    10 bundle of leaflets and brochures reting to gas industry.
    11 correspondence
    12 Gas apparatus adverts, lecture papers, centenary brochures 1837-1937, information regarding brick making machinery, Robert Dempster & Sons Ltd. Elland catalogue of Gas Industry Equipment.
    13 Correspondence with Gas companies.
    14 British Letters Patent.
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    Gas books Series

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