Frobisher Family Archive
Family papers, photograph albums and scrapbooks. Records inherited and created by George Frobisher (1911-1997) in the course of researching and publicising his family history. Includes two day books used by members of the family in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and several 19th century photographs. The archive contains material about the explorer, Sir Martin Frobisher.

The collection is stored in an antique wooden box belonging to the Frobisher family and is arranged as follows:
FRO/1 Wooden Box
FRO/2 Day Books
FRO/3 Photographs and Photograph Albums
FRO/4 Family History Research Papers
FRO/5 Family History Scrapbooks
FRO/6 Correspondence with archivists
FRO/7 Handwritten family tree
  • FRO/1

    Wooden box Item

    Large, lided wooden box used to store Frobisher family history papers. Accompanied by a note and a label recording its history.
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  • FRO/2

    Frobisher Family Day Books Item

    Two notebooks. 1. Hannnah Battye (also known as Anna Battye) including recipes for food and for medicines,household accounts, servants wages, general notes about the household. 2. Daybook covering 1786-1837 (possibly belonging to Freshfield Frobisher) with details of household acounts and daily expenses.
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  • FRO/3

    Frobisher Family Photographs and Albums Series

    Portrait photographs and albums featuring various members of the Frobisher family.
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  • FRO/4

    Frobisher Family History Research Papers Item

    The Frobisher Story by George Frobisher (manuscript and photocopies of typescript), typescript article on the history of Frobisher Bay, notes and newscuttings, speech to the mayor of Frobisher Bay, Address made in the cathedral of St Jude 1980, Order of service for the dedication of the memoiral to Sir Martin Frobisher in St. Giles Cripplegate, the story of the Frobisher brothers from Halifax by George Frobisher, photocopied documents, letters concerning the Frobisher family connection with the Spanish Armada and the 400th anniversary of its defeat; colour printouts of Sir Martin Frobisher's coat of arms and design for a memorial window in Normanton church. Laminated printout of a portrait of Sir Martin Frobisher.
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  • FRO/5

    Frobisher Family History Scrapbooks Item

    Assembled by George Frobisher. Scrapbook 1 includes postage stamps, photographs, letters, printed cards of murals, and newscuttings relating to George Frobisher's visit to Frobisher Bay, Baffin Island. Scrapbook 2 contains newscuttings relating to Sir Martin Frobisher's achievements, photocopies of birth, marriage and death certificates, photographs, invitation, speeches, letters, photocopy and transcript of Sir Martin Frobisher's will.
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  • FRO/6

    Frobisher Family Correspondence with Archivists Item

    Correspondence with archivists, catalogue of Frobisher family papers held at West Yorkshire Archive Service (WYAS), copy of deposit agreement between George Frobisher and WYAS, printed out email correspondence between Keith Frobisher and archivist Hilary Haigh relating to the Frobisher family tree, and a photocopy of the Frobisher family tree.
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  • FRO/7

    Frobisher Family Tree Item

    Handwritten family tree of the Frobisher family. A0+ sized, rolled.
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