Community game
records relating to Netball in Schools, Youth Netball and domestic youth and school tournaments
  • EN/CR/4/1

    Youth netball Subseries

    Youth Netball and schools Netball
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  • EN/CR/4/2

    County and regional competitions and associations Item

    Box 1
    Inter-County tournament:
    Net Ball Federation Annual Report 1926-27
    programmes 1935-2004
    results 1978-2012

    regional and county handbooks competition programmes, boundary discussions and organisational papers

    Box 2
    Inter-County tournament programmes, resultsand winning team photographs 1988-2000

    papers relating to county boundaries 1969-1995, 5 bundles

    county constitutions 1971-1995

    pennant 1985, medal 75th anniversary county award 2001
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  • EN/CR/4/3

    Clubs Item

    National Clubs tournament programmes 1966-2012
    results 1987-2014
    handbooks 1990-2010
    notes relating to changes in league administration 1987

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  • EN/CR/4/4

    Netball for players with learning or physical disabilities Item

    programmes 2008-2010 and coaching guides 1998 and undated, for netball for players with learning or physical disabilities
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